too quiet here....

what is happening here?? i only see new faces and there's not much blogs anymore..:(. where's EVERYONE? Huh..did i miss something??
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wave richy505

Je suis ici,,mais,, pas de temps,, trés occupé avec ma travail,, doh ça va mon amie hug
This is a pretty cool site.........but so far, I have doubts that 'anybody' here is actually serious about looking for relationships. It could mean that it's just that way for me because, i'm ugly laugh drinking frustrated but there are a lot of people like yourself who aren't and say the same thing dunno
ahh je comprend mais je suis tres content de te voir!!hug j'espere que ce travail ne vas pas te tuer.:( lol..
hmmm musicman,,,, did you post that on the wrong blog dunno cos,, Richy,, only said ,, he wondered,,daydream where all the old faces had gone,,hole doh hug
Hi Dream wave
Oh, I know that laugh I just wanted to blog on his blog laugh laugh sorry cheers
Non,,, j'aime bien mon travail,, bartender waiter drink pouring
Heureux de tu voir ici,,hug je pense que je dois écrire un blog bientôt
rolling on the floor laughing pas soucis mon amie,, hug

violin jouer une mélodie pour moi stp
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