you can choose to see other people as they see you.
are choose to make a difference for you and others.
you can blame others are change your own life.
you can feel sorry for your self are grow up and never give up.
choose its a wonderful word ...... john
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if i'm thrown out of a tall building, can i choose not to fall. well i could at least choose to enjoy the scenery on my way down
hi john do you think one would choose to pick their nose. laugh or is it done instinctavly lol not a actual choice but a subconscious thought that your nose is full of burgers.. rolling on the floor laughing and what if a person chooses freedom but that's not a reality or chooses to want to live but found out their dieing.confused i choose neopolitin ice cream and they tell me their out choose something else. vanilla.laugh i choose to leave now john bet ur happy.: lol
just buy all the other stuff and mix it with the nilla to make your own neopolitantongue
Well john at the moment there is no question for choosing or at this time i am only enjoying to comment for the blogs.and it's my hobby. cool
thanks everyone
good idea cracker laugh i guess i didn't choose to do that.tongue now i want rockyroad anyway . my choice.grin lol
im beganing to fill buried by all the choices. i thinl i can't breathe!!!!!uh oh
are you choosing not to breath or your hyperventilating. just breath deep and slow big guy deep and slow. rolling on the floor laughing what movie is that from ? laugh i wonder would somebody choose to do mouth to mouth resesatation or instinct takes over to help someone . alot of people just keep walking.doh
it would depend on who needed the mouth to mouthrolling on the floor laughing
exactly rolling on the floor laughing that's when choosing makes the difference.rolling on the floor laughing
right and that is your choice
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