what a day

yea valintines day was always a crap day to me anyways i always wanted it to be so good but since i grew up nothing but a pain in my ....
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... hey .. don't be down .. Valentine's is just a marketing scam, designed to make money .. just another day really .. the world is full of people who don't give a crap about it .. u should join the queue .. Valentine's Day: pfffft! Whatever!!!!!!!!!!

right im in just another day thanks
Happy Day to a real sweetheart!!!
mate ... be glad that u are single... at least u don't get to waste money on flowers and other bullshit in the hope that she won't complain for a while when it comes to u know what!!

mumbling mumbling
but i like to do those kind of things
a pain in ur????....say John...as a doctor i need to know...
mine is almost perfect john.....perfect sadness....moping
thanks everyone
valentines day means nothing to me, it is just another day. If you love someone every day is special day. I mean why do you have to wait for a special day to do something for the one you love? It would be nicer to do something on a "normal" day and not because it is valentines day.
right thanks i guess it means nothing to me too
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