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a weekend with a nostalgical touch

This weekend has been a sort of nostalgic. it kicked off with a bbq with parents, siblings and of course, the coolest dog on this earth.
Since arriving back home, all that has been done is listening to episodes of prisoner cell block h and drinking loads of coffee, with no sleep as a
There are some characters from the cult aussie soap that have made my day more than once, so i'm going to share a few of those:
I'll kick it all off with the funniest, Lizzie Birdsworth, played by the late Sheila Florance, a funny old thing who gives the soap a bit of a humorous angle.
She makes her own brew in a boiler, escapes a couple of times claiming "the screws didn't let me so i take the rest of the day off" and was involved in some of the major plots.
There are allso some other funny characters like bea, Doreen, Joan the freak Ferguson to name a few.
Speaking of the freak, lol, she is a screw that is a heavy and nasty piece of work for sure. involved in quite a few bashings and corruption schemes.
bea, the top dog for a good chunk of the series, killed 2 people, her husband in the 2nd episode and before that she killed her husbands a tough bird with gsoh and fair at the same time.
There are a lot more that can be red about those figures and others,
well now its time for a coffee refill allthough i would prefere a big

Comments (8)

I know you had fun at the BBQ but there was no need to punish yourself with episodes of Cell Block H, still could have been worse, you might have listened to Neighbours or even Eastenders doh laugh rolling on the floor laughing beer
Roger, my friend I'm so happy to see you here, I almost didn't come back online,,,, glad you had a fab weekend and thanx for the greetings you sent via Sunshine!dancing dog dancing dog dancing dog
Hi Zman, how you doing?handshake
Val wave good thanks wine
That's good Zman, I wonder what happened to Roger?rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing
Maybe he's continuing his nostalgia with Cell Block, it is pretty quiet on here tonight uh oh
You right it is quiet here, but I can't sleep early, then I wake up in the middle of the night,,,,,,guess ill just hang around a bit.dancing dog
well..... what happened to me..... yeah.... you know.... i drowned for a while in the coffee and lost some sleep over nothing more, nothing less.
mountainman, well i tell you what...... i prefer cell block h before all those tragic us stuff that calls for more over reacting than anything else:)

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