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A twist of life

Just last week, a famous Filipina rightist legislator announced that she is refraining from doing her duties as she is diagnosed with staged 4 lung cancer. She added that she never smoke, never drink alcohol nor commit adultery. There was a pang of sadness that hit me. So many people including me are asking why her? Her husband is neither a smoker. Hence they attribute it to secondary inhalation. How sad life can be!

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wave Hi long time no see how are you?hug
Fine! Been so long in blogging but not to worry I always visit the site and read about the funny mail from your scammer. grin
Hi Tatami my mother lived in a house full of smokers, my dad smoked in bed beside her she will be 88 next month no cancer whatsoever. They simply say that without any proof because they need to blame something. thumbs up wave
Oh and incidently her father died of lung cancer and never had a cigarette in his life!wave
That is sad, yes death does not disinguish and that is very sad.hug
@gary, have heard a lot like yours and iam pondering why some develop cancer of the lungs while the others do not. I simply like the senator as she gives a different view on the issue at the Senate.bouquet
@Red, really sad. She is still with us yet but hearing the word stage 4 left a scary tinge. bouquet
Thanks everyone for sharing and viewing.bouquet
we don't know the conditions that she's been working in ...that hospital she worked in might have been built with asbestos wall and ceiling linings and over time she might have been inhaling asbestos dust into her lungs giving her legionaries disease ...wave
Looking at charts on the spread of cancer and also industrialization of a country. No doubt can exist that when a country industrializes the cancer rate sky rockets. In reaction some quarters have decided that as a country industrializes cigarette sales tend to rise as folks then have more money. Therefore, to those in those lobbies, let us blame tobacco smoke.
Pfui. They ignore other studies. Yes, asbestos for one. Other chemicals now in their environment that weren't before and national governments that don't care about toxins in the drinking water as long as the bribes from the chemical using companies continue and the national economy grows on paper. To me the most telling study are the ones that made having homes with children being located under power lines. Even Tesla warned of this. Cyclical EM radiation does indeed cause cancer in children and adults living under it. The rules about that in this country are not followed in many other countries. As technology spreads, so to do power lines and environments full of electromagnetic fields. We saw brain tumors in the early days of cell phones with the antenna laying alongside the user's head. New designs put the field orientation away from the brain. My suspicion is the anti-tobacco folks are barking (deliberately?) at the wrong horse. I suspect EM fields resulting from the spread of technology and industrialization may be way more important as a cause of cancer.
Of course this attitude puts me across the fence from the oil, gas and coal boys who count only the money to be made from electrification of an area, and who fought tooth, nail and claw against those doctors who decades ago found a link between power lines and dead children.

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