Miss U My Jamaica

Sixteen years away from my paradise island. Such a unique place to be. Whether u want to have Christian fun or sinful fun, its there.

Street parties from 10pm till rooster crows at dawn. Or dance inside a houseparty or a club.

Church time- people get filled with the Holy Spirit, take their shoes off and dance from one corner to the next. Or on the ground shaking filled with the Holy Ghost. This you will see mostly at Protestant churches. Good and real spiritual fun.

Wide variety of delicious seafood and jerk chicken and pork with festival or roasted breadfruit. Yummy! !

Crystal clear golden sandy beaches. Numerous hotel chains.

Tranquil rivers and waterfalls.
Historic sites.

I just love you Jamaica and want to be back with my kids soon as I can and maybe I will never leave again.

Calm yourselves and be crime free. Though crime is everywhere, you must not allow the world to degrade our unique talented nation.

Be proud of who you are, strong, black, proud, straightforward. Direct from Africa we came as slaves to toil in the canefields from dawn til dusk.

We are better now. We have seen and learned. We are not fools.

The friendliest set of people on the planet, only if they could get to know us before they judge us.

God Bless Jamaica- Land Of Wood And Water.rolling on the floor laughing head banger applause heart beating teddybear cheering kiss
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Hi Unika,
Someone posted this on July 26,2012 to YouTube.Very nice.

117 and half years old..Irie Violet Brown.God Bless Jamaica!

I hear it is absolutely beautiful and I still have not been there! Perhaps with in the next few years.
It only takes one person to ruin things for everyone. I had a guy tell me he drove through my home state and how horrible the drivers were but when we narrowed his story down it was one incident he later admitted that he was being a little aggressive himself during the incident. Most of us know someone from somewhere else and if that person behaves badly unfortunately it reflect on all people from that area. I try to take people for who they are an each one of us is different. I like everyone to a point. I attempt to seek out the best of people, I am sure I would love Jamaica as well as the people who live there!

I know you'll have a superb time once you're bk.wine
16 so many changes in 16 years as it relates to infrastructure and way of life but all for the best.

Thanks yes that's a long living Blessed Jamaican woman.

Thanks for your kind words.

Visit there some day. You will live it.

Yes my sister proficiency1.
Been a long time.

I know there must be many changes.

Love u all.


Yes brother, you're right lots of nice things out there. ??????
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