MGTOW and Mens rights

MEN GO THEIR OWN WAY – this is a man’s group and they talk about male issues in society.

Ever felt let down, wondered why you are being held back, wondered why your rights don’t matter, wondered why you are hated for being masculine, wondered why men’s groups no longer exist, wondered why men are not free to debate, wondered why your son is getting bad grades, wondered why your son is not acting masculine, wondered why your son is depressed, wondered why your son won’t talk about his problems, wondered why your son feels lost?

MGTOW has the answers and could maybe save the white male masculine race from extinction?
Besides the men’s rights group MGTOW is the only other men’s group, which has a large following and discusses regular issues in modern day western society.

Many different hosts are on MGTOW and they each cover various subject matters.
You no longer have to feel like no one cares about men and men once again have a voice.
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One day MGTOW might have schools, Universities and other institutions?
One hopes that somehow society changes and white male masculine men and boys rights matter
MGTOW - Is freedom for men and cares about men's issues
I'm proud to be a white, male, masculine, man, western man and you should be toopeace
Don’t ever allow feminists to shame you or use any other underhanded tactics to prevent you from caring about your rights and wanting equal treatment for your white male western brothers, because we all know we have been hated on for so long, by misandrist feminists, muslims, blacks etc, so we really do need to stand up proudly, show we have a set of balls, talk about our rights, talk about our issues, talk about the pure evil that is feminism, stamp out their agenda to have ISLAM run western society and remove existing laws that protect our rights, are way of living and our safety...NO, never, ever, will ISLAM rule the west

Lucky the men’s right group and MGTOW exist, because we have a voice for men and boys, but a lot of work needs to be done, to undo the damage the feminist cult has done and women need to get on board to oppose feminists hate of white man and their lies they have been spreading for 50 years

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