No more broken toys

Have anyone got into a relationship with someone an they just seem to not be able to do anything for you bu,t when you first met they talk about what they did for their ex how they where there to help them through a death of a love one or help them get a better job education but when you run into similar problems they can't be there they have to work they have no money always a excuse to why they can't help but see them do for their friends.Well i have had broken toys and it hurts to know your are willing to help this person but the favor wont be returned because they don't really care for you that stuff hurts a human

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I think I would look at this relationship and do some soul searching. It doesn't seem you both are on the same page.

Hope everything works out for you. handshake
You have to skip that .
I think your last words "they don't really care for you" just says it all. Use that knowledge to your advantage and block this person out from your life completely in order to find whoever is worthy of your own time, energy, help and effort.

Not "they" but, "him doesn't really care for you", no need for generalizations.

What you described that happened in the beginning was nothing but, a show off, attention seeking behaviour of the sort "look at me and what I did!" , "look at me and what a nice person I am" and, a manipulation tactic called triangulation used specifically to instill feelings of insecurity and jealousy in you.

Also, "what a nice person he is", it's absolutely inconceivable to have done all these things for his ex and, to be a bad person.

Therefore, to shift the blame onto you so you would feel bad and, quilty. I bet he wants something from you and this is his way of getting it so, block him out and don't give a shit.

When this person becomes a real man or person, I would become a helicopter and fly high in the sky which is simply, impossible. scold
Actions speak more then just words.
Be thankful for those broken toys, don't let it hurt so much instead take the lesson learned and apply it to your life. Remember our true strength is being reveled by the experiences we have had with these broken toys.
Hi Lisa,
You get these people who define give and take as 'you give and I take'. You just have to accept them or ignore them, depending on how much they mean to you.

Some years ago I had this girl friend who operated like that.

When her cistern overflowed, she called me. When her tap leaked, she phoned me. When her drains blocked, she called me. When her window, broke she called me. When her lawn needed mowing, she called me. I fixed everything for her; squeaking doors, frayed iron cords, broken drawers, you name it and never asked her for anything in return.

But when I was sick in bed she did not even wash the cups that we used while she was there. She did not even bother to ask if I needed something from the supermarket. She was forever too busy or in a hurry when I asked her to do something for me.

It went on for a few months until I got fed up.
Thats true what you are saying!
I was taught to give my used toys to the needy.

If I was in the early stages of a relationship I wouldn't be with a guy who spoke about what he did for he's ex or exes..I don't see anything wrong with a guy being there for he's mates and I would hope he wouldn't interfere in me wanting to be there for my mates too.

I don't believe a woman should make her problems he's problem..I have a ton of respect for the guys who work there arse off and scrape. from week to week never ever look down or complain about a guy who doesn't earn a fortune.

A relationship isn't about complaining and wanting..Get off your arse and help yourself.
Mean't to say if you always give to him you do that because you want to do that not because you expect in return..Expect anything in life you will always be doomed.
Miss Lisa, my last 4 ladies were takers and not givers. Hence why I left or kicked em out. One gets tired of always being the one who gives without being treated the same back. And yes the excuses are so lame. Heard too many of them. It'd be so nice for once to have an equal giver as a partner. I don't have much. But I work hard to get and give etc. I wouldn't change the way I am because of past bad apples.
If you sell yourself short, you will receive the short end of the stick. sad flower

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