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Putin7084Feb 2016May 2016Jun 16
Mass sex attack on German girls in Cologne6,14365Jan 2016Mar 2016Jun 15
Sweden, Holland, UK and even other Eur countries accept child marriges4,337128Feb 2016Feb 2016Jun 16
Swedish feminists: “Please don’t protect us if we get raped by immigrants”9,907241Feb 2016Feb 2016Jun 16
Womans day92523Feb 2016Feb 201624 hrs ago
Terrorist attack on Paris, docents dead1,33212Nov 2015Feb 2016Jun 15
Terrorist attacks tomorrow 22 nov1,46225Nov 2015Nov 2015Jun 7
Iron Curtain1,43641Nov 2015Nov 2015Jun 16
IM MAD AS HELL...70811Nov 2015Nov 2015Jun 2
Is ISIS war a joke?5239Nov 2015Nov 2015Jun 14
What is the US preparing for on October 1st?6,504174Sep 2013Aug 2014Jun 16
The average female2,09859Aug 2013Feb 2014Jun 15
What is your favorite- in sex1,69535Dec 2013Jan 2014Jun 16
How was your year, 2013 ?93633Dec 2013Dec 2013Jun 16
The 2013 Darwin Awards Are Out!4756Dec 2013Dec 2013Jun 6
First time man is shot dead by Iceland police1,00337Dec 2013Dec 2013Jun 12
Britain, stop being selfish and speak German like everybody else!!2,38478Nov 2013Nov 2013Jun 6
Nymphomaniac, opening soon, 5 hr porn movie by Lars von Trier1,80110Nov 2013Nov 2013Jun 12
Annual Orgy weekend3,80223Nov 2013Nov 20138 hrs ago
Rape festival1,56435Nov 2013Nov 2013Jun 16
The liberation of Europe from the monster of Brussels97324Nov 2013Nov 2013Jun 15
Have you had sex with your socks on?2,35765Jul 2013Nov 20135 hrs ago
New trend- Knockout76218Nov 2013Nov 2013Jun 6
Doctors and nurses aided US torture at military prison1,42340Nov 2013Nov 2013Jun 3
Why Scandinavian women make the rest of the world jealous1,93154Nov 2013Nov 2013Jun 14
Why Scandinavian women make the rest of the world jealous83330Nov 2013Nov 2013Jun 10
Walk naked day3,79697Oct 2013Oct 2013Jun 16
Does this appy to anyone here?1,52259Oct 2013Oct 2013Jun 16
Ode to joy3065Oct 2013Oct 2013May 5
KGB, Stasi, Gestapo, NSA- all the same?96430Oct 2013Oct 2013Jun 13
Russia Unprepared to Deal With Space Alien Invasion – Official47417Oct 2013Oct 2013Jun 6
No bra day2,85758Oct 2013Oct 2013Jun 11
US is powered with Russian nuclear warheads79823Oct 2013Oct 2013Jun 14
Eligible bachelor1,42944Oct 2013Oct 2013Jun 16
Family question Washington killing4,424164Oct 2013Oct 2013Jun 12
Child factory launches in India1,40955Oct 2013Oct 20133 hrs ago
Were there two people in Washington car?2804Oct 2013Oct 2013Jun 10
US bankrupt Oct 1757416Oct 2013Oct 201316 hrs ago
How do you like this one?2820Oct 2013Oct 20139 hrs ago
Have you lost some money?47412Oct 2013Oct 2013Jun 2
Wifeswapping2,48046Sep 2013Sep 2013Jun 5
Danish cat causing havoc in Iceland76511Sep 2013Sep 2013Jun 10

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