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Do you believe in Reincarnation?1,21627Aug 18Nov 144 hrs ago
What do you think about public media censorship?1,09723Oct 15Nov 219 hrs ago
Richard Roundtree gone at 812324Oct 25Oct 269 hrs ago
What kind of dating site is this?75911Oct 2Oct 313 hrs ago
IMAGINE IF YOU WILL2870Sep 25Sep 2515 hrs ago
How do women dance in hi-heals let alone walk in them?5165Sep 22Sep 24Nov 24
Wow! What is going on in the forums? Seams so peaceful lately. No one getting zapped for disagreeing1,89044Sep 5Sep 22Nov 26
What happens to our memories when we die?3085Sep 11Sep 16Nov 26
is Everyone/anyone ready for Thanksgiving Turkey?3942Sep 15Sep 15Nov 24
May I please receive more thumb-downs for my posts in the forum threads.2,26146Sep 9Sep 1523 hrs ago
Let's all Surf and Rock with Shakira.2362Sep 10Sep 12Nov 17
Are you a traditional kind of person?2810Sep 6Sep 6Nov 25
What is the number one first name for newborn males in your country?3015Sep 2Sep 420 hrs ago
Woman in Chains5363Aug 9Aug 283 hrs ago
Why doesn’t CS fix the Polls so they function properly.2111Aug 27Aug 27Nov 24
Those who died … do you have a plan?55111Aug 19Aug 27Nov 26
Is Chivalry still alive ?2863Aug 26Aug 2723 hrs ago
What would happen if all the nuclear warheads are detonated about the same time on Earth?3869Aug 20Aug 2540 mins ago
Is Trudeaus Era coming to an end!4036Jul 18Aug 21Nov 26
Has life ever been more difficult for Canadians than it is today?3093Aug 17Aug 21Nov 26
The next PM of Canada1060Aug 21Aug 21Nov 26
What do you think of the USA’s 2nd Amendment to its Constitution?3825Aug 18Aug 18Nov 27
Pierre for Prime Minister: The cost of home ownership in Canada is twice the Cost in the USA3992May 17Aug 17Nov 26
How much electricity does your company demand each year?2541Aug 16Aug 16Nov 26
Beers anyone?2500Aug 13Aug 13Nov 27
Look Daddy!2022Aug 7Aug 12Nov 27
Your America1131Aug 11Aug 11Nov 24
U.S. Bidenomics2044Aug 8Aug 1113 hrs ago
What are your reasons to avoid people or what reasons do people have to avoid you?72211Jul 18Aug 10Nov 26
At an Irish wedding reception someone yelled ….2982Aug 5Aug 59 hrs ago
Canada's Immigration1960Aug 3Aug 3Nov 26
“Indigenous Chief Wants To Take Back Ben & Jerry's HQ Built on 'Stolen' Land“35113Jul 21Aug 1Nov 23
Is Budweiser in trouble?92725May 24Jul 294 hrs ago
Name something you’ve always wanted to do while flying in an airplane.66017Jul 20Jul 29Nov 25
There ain’t nobody that can sing like me….2680Jul 25Jul 255 hrs ago
It's Friday night and you are 20. What are you doing?1,40924May 12Jul 24Nov 26
Is it true that “if the worms are moving, the fish are fresh."56014Jul 13Jul 223 hrs ago
What do Females normally leave at their new boyfriend's home?1,08827Jun 25Jul 2022 hrs ago
The Gotham City Giggler!1401Jul 19Jul 2019 hrs ago
What color are your teeth?49013Jul 2Jul 19Nov 24
Canada is Broken! Will there be an East VS West Civil War.1980Jul 14Jul 1413 hrs ago
How do the people living in great Britain celebrate the Usa’s 4th of July Holiday?60415Jul 3Jul 13Nov 26

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