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What do you think about PV - photovoltaics, ecological electricity?2,76213Feb 2014Feb 2014Mar 24
What do you think about PV - photovoltaics, ecological electricity?1,40441Feb 2014Feb 201424 hrs ago
What do you do for your health?88214Oct 2012Oct 2012Mar 22
What would you do if you had cancer?1,65430Oct 2012Oct 201216 hrs ago
The world is changing4,87328Sep 2012Oct 2012Mar 22
The eldery - where is the best place to live1,54434Sep 2012Sep 2012Mar 18
What do you think about e-learning?1,93027Sep 2012Sep 201221 hrs ago
Is it better to be good person or to deceive people?80416Aug 2012Aug 2012Mar 21
Do you like travelling?1,87555Feb 2012Mar 201214 hrs ago
Wikipedia blacked-out91814Jan 2012Jan 201222 hrs ago
Christmas wishes3822Dec 2011Dec 2011Mar 15
the more we want to know somebody, the lesser our chance is1,78256Sep 2011Oct 2011Mar 15
what do you think about a woman in casual clothes1,27637Sep 2011Sep 2011Mar 19
Would you buy a book on psychopaths?1,39049Aug 2011Sep 201110 hrs ago
What will you do if you ever meet psychopath in your life?3,02060Aug 2011Aug 2011Mar 23
which european country has the best health care system3,77059Jun 2011Aug 2011Mar 23
work from home87624Jul 2011Jul 2011Mar 24
Where in the world the health system is the best?91119Jun 2011Jul 20116 hrs ago
health systems2750Jun 2011Jun 2011Mar 24
What do you think about nuclear energy?1,1095May 2011May 201132 mins ago
what do you think about nuclear energy77216Apr 2011May 20114 hrs ago
disaster in Japan - how to stop spreading radiation2,05749Apr 2011Apr 2011Mar 24
disaster in Japan5,373237Mar 2011Apr 2011Mar 20

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