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The Witch part 1 Subversion

The Witch part 1: Subversion (2018)

The Witch part 1 : Subversion A female high school student is trained to become a murder weapon. Medical experiments are used on living bodies in t...

whitelily1400Jul 30

haymaker (2021)

romance, boxing....

RR3131180Aug 2021
brians song

brian's song (1971)

posted in honour of james caan who passed away june 6, 2022 at the age of 82. i was 13yrs old when i watched this movie. i can't say what the impact o...

3rdgenJC471Jul 7Jul 17
Purgatory TV Series

Purgatory (TV Series) (2020)

"A group of strangers are invited to Shambala, a remote winter resort, for the New Year's Eve festivities. One person, however, has plans that don'...

Illu661231Jul 4Jul 4
a message from charity the twilight zone complete episode

a message from charity (the twilight zone, complete episode) (1985)

this wonderfully romantic, imaginative episode has been a favourite to this day. i've looked long for this episode and was quite delighted to finally...

3rdgenJC1000Apr 7
soap tv series 1977 1981

soap (tv series 1977-1981) (1977)

this video is a computer generated narration of the show and current photos (until 2020) of cast members. a number of them have passed away. haven't s...

3rdgenJC490Apr 9

Soylent Green (1973)

Wake-up call! Isn't it interesting that many films (movies) seem to foretell a society's future? For example, the films Terminator (a government progr...

notofthistime4260Nov 2019

Jaws (1975)

Jaws is the most horrifying film of all time! It went on to gross nearly $500 million worldwide and, it won three Academy awards. The film, was based...

DirtNAsphalt63930Mar 14
chernobyl hbo mini series

chernobyl (hbo mini series) (2019)

a chilling and riveting re-enactment of the nuclear disaster in ukraine, which was part of the soviet union, in april 1986. more about "the boots on t...

3rdgenJC1240Oct 2021
you are here a come from away documentary

you are here: a "come from away" documentary (2018)

a heartfelt documentary based on the highly successful and multiple award winner musical, "come from away". you learn about the people who the charact...

3rdgenJC1360Oct 2021
just for laughs gags

just for laughs gags (2000)

ran for 18 seasons. a tv spinoff from the just for laughs festival held annually in montreal, quebec, canada. it's an updated version of the tv show,...

3rdgenJC1220Feb 16

One Strange Rock (2018)

Fascinating documentary of how our planet started and how tiny bugs, fish and plants keep our planet alive everyday. Narrated by Will Smith as well as...

secretagent091281Jan 20Jan 20
as good as it gets

as good as it gets (1997)

ok...i like this chick all the young women who hit me up, this will never be us. unless of course you're a sweet honey like helen hunt's c...

3rdgenJC1070Jan 1
married at first sight

married at first sight (2014)

a modern version of the arranged marriage. in 7 years, 13 seasons have aired. popularity of the show has increased every season and led to franchises...

3rdgenJC1390Oct 2021
in the heat of the night

in the heat of the night (1967)

in honour of sidney poitier, the 1st black actor to win an oscar in 1964 for best male actor. he acted in 50 movies, many of which were groundbreaking...

3rdgenJC1290Jan 9

tampopo (1985)

new year's day is an important holiday for japanese people. to celebrate, i've posted this delightful japanese movie (w/subtitles). it has been reissu...

3rdgenJC950Jan 1
the samurai trilogy

the samurai trilogy (1954)

the 1st movie of this trilogy won the oscar for best foreign film. the trilogy is based on the real life of miyamoto musashi (in japanese, the surname...

3rdgenJC1000Jan 1
years and years british tv mini series available on hbo

years and years (british tv mini series available on hbo) (2019)

follows a 3-generational family over the course of 15 years living in a britain governed by a pm that reminds one of a former president of the united...

3rdgenJC1250Oct 2021
The Taking of Pelham 123

The Taking of Pelham 123 (2009)

It's quite an old film that is still interesting and exciting with a simple and wonderful storyline about the hijacking of a 7th line subway train of...

whitelily1990Dec 12
Other Life

Other Life (2017)

Australian productions science fiction movie. It is good to watch while you can't sleep having an Insomania For ordinary people, the debate...

whitelily11180Nov 2021
BSM Windsor Sing Lofty

BSM Windsor - Sing Lofty

When your woman complains about her job....

Unknown1010Nov 2021
breaking away

breaking away (1979)

a little gem of a movie. some future stars. funny but poignant. inspired a short-lived tv show starring shaun cassidy (who???)....

3rdgenJC1080Oct 2021
Dangerous liaisons

Dangerous liaisons (1988)

The power of words b/4 instagram.....big name cast.......

3rdgenJC1030Oct 2021

angel (1999)

5 seasons (oct/99-may/04). a spinoff from buffy the vampire slayer tv series. a few characters from the buffy series become fixtures on the show with...

3rdgenJC1180Oct 2021
come from away

come from away (2013)

i'm referring to the actual musical currently on tour in the US. the apple+ video is a recording of a live performance that was made in response to co...

3rdgenJC1030Oct 2021
due south

due south (1994)

4 seasons (1994-1999). a canadian crime show that blended drama with humour. it paired a straight-laced canadian mounted police officer with a cynical...

3rdgenJC1250Oct 2021
desperate housewives

desperate housewives (2004)

8 seasons (2004 to 2012). just a normal neighbourhood. or is it? do we really know our neighbours? hardly a dull moment in this show. given her recent...

3rdgenJC1100Oct 2021
the days and nights of molly dodd

the days and nights of molly dodd (1987)

ran on NBC, may/87 to jun/88 and on lifetime, ap/89 to ap/91. i didn't have lifetime on my cable. i don't remember much about it but, i know i was dis...

3rdgenJC1200Oct 2021
picket fences

picket fences (1992)

ran from se/92 to jun/96. a david e kelly show. on a number of sites, it is listed as a drama but, i found it to be quite funny in its absurdity. wish...

3rdgenJC950Oct 2021
the departed

the departed (2006)

all-star cast, past and present, in a suspenseful cop movie. it's a scorsese movie so, expect bloody, violent scenes.......

3rdgenJC1070Oct 2021
shakespeare in love

shakespeare in love (1998)

big sigh......i admire greatly words spoken well, even if they're scripted. enjoyed the weaving of fact and fiction into a story. Cuddle with your hon...

3rdgenJC720Oct 2021
the hidden fortress

the hidden fortress (1958)

the inspiration for star wars, of course, from the great akira kurosawa. i'm not a star wars fan, though. have posted a better video "trailer" than my...

3rdgenJC1100Oct 2021
henry V

henry V (1989)

i greatly admire those who have a command of the spoken word. a fine movie...

3rdgenJC1070Oct 2021
the last of the mohicans

the last of the mohicans (1992)

this movie has it all: action, drama, romance, majestic scenery, moving soundtrack, and powerful ending. the original version ended with the prayer. t...

3rdgenJC880Oct 2021

glory (1989)

glory to the 54th!! based on true events. they kicked in like men. great speeches/dialogue...

3rdgenJC680Oct 2021
midnight run

midnight run

the movie is a LOT funnier than the trailer makes it out to be. the rapport between de niro and grodin is great. both play it so straight faced, but d...

3rdgenJC870Oct 2021
Cold Eyes

Cold Eyes (2013)

Cold Eyes (full movie with Eng subt) A computer and network surveillance agency attempts to stop a group of criminals from robbing a bank. Korean go...

whitelily11310Sep 2021

State of Play (2009)

Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck with Rachel McAdams star in this movie about WMDs in Iraq.........the coverup of the WMDs that weren't there and how tha...

secretagent092042May 2021May 2021

The Imposters (2017)

It's a Netflix movie about making people fall in love with them by using lies and false identities. One disaster leads to another and to another. Nobo...

secretagent092360Jan 2021

The Life Of David Gale

Movie about a group who protests against the death penalty. The leads are Kevin Spacey and Kate Winslet. Both put on brilliant performances. There are...

secretagent091030Jul 2021

The Foreigner (2017)

Quan is a humble London businessman whose long-buried past erupts in a revenge-fueled vendetta when the only person left for him to love -- his teenag...

secretagent092180Mar 2021
Il Mare siworae

Il Mare (siworae) (2000)

ilMare s a 2000 South Korean film, starring Jun Ji-hyun and Lee Jung-jae, and directed by Lee Hyun-seung. A fantasy drama. Il Mare, means "The Sea" i...

whitelily12930May 2021

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