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Heroes of Nine-Eleven

Could not believe what I had seen,
All the horror and the killing.
How could anyone so cruel have been?
As if lives weren't worth a shilling.

But for each of those who destroyed,
A hundred heroes rose to save.
Ev'ry art and skill they employed,
Making sacrifices so brave.

Risking life and limb they went in,
To do ev'ry thing that they could.
And battles with death they did win,
As we always knew that they would.

And let us not ever forget,
The other victory that day.
Those who decided not to let,
The mad destroyers have their way.

Those heroic souls who fought back,
May they live on in memory.
The brave ones who thwarted attack,
Of United ninety-three.

The mourning came but never went,
It's going on to this day.
But in this war we'll not relent,
Nor let terror have its way.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
I cried as I wrote...

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Comments (10)

Great stuff! Check out "The End of the World" here by me! Similar and yes I get a lump in my throat everytime I read it and i wrote it!
Added a final verse.
Hi, freeatlast64847,
When we think that there is more evil in the world than good, we must remember But for each of those who destroyed, A hundred heroes rose to save. As we mourn, we must resist the power of evil to alter the color of goodness.
Thanks gnj! I'm with you, can't let the bad guys win!
This event was one I cannot easily forget as anyone else can either.I pray that war such as this and that which takes place daily in some other countries..does not ever become a way of life here.Thanx for this wonderfull tribute in remembrance of all those who died and all who sacrificed their lives to help others. May God bless all of them..and also all our brothers and sisters around the globe..may God protect them too.

JG....wave handshake peace
Thanks vin! Yeah, it was such a traumatic experience for the whole world. It's like people who were alive for Pearl Harbor or the JFK asassination, you always remember where you were and what you were doing when you heard of it and recalling that, the emotions come flooding back.
really great piece of writing..on this sad story ..well caught and carefully expressed..good work.
Hi Freeatlast wave

Thankyou for posting such a heartfelt poem wonderfully composed..blessings to all lost and their family's&loved ones.

Ljj angel
A wonderful write in your special way, Freeatlast, will lessons never be learnt?? As you say brave people keep these terrorist at bay. Certainly a day of remembrance todayhandshake
Thanks JG! You caught the sentiment exactly! wine
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