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Long Distance Romance

Worlds apart and world’s away but despite the great distance we grow closer each day.
With every new email and every new word your voice sings out like the song of a bird
I can feel you and sense you these emotions grow strong as if you were inside me all along
In the two weeks I have known you I have learned more every day that you bring me happiness that won’t go away
Though the oceans and miles for now make us part I am right there with you in my mind and my heart
Although we have just met and have a long road ahead I know we travel together so I feel no dread
I will whisper your name and its sound on my lips will be carried cross oceans to you on loves ship
So fear not my sweet angel for though were apart inside were together as one from the start
And the day will come when in real life we will meet and on that day our lives will complete
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
I wrote this for someone I am corasponding with in another country!

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Comments (5)

its fantastic, its makes me think, remember, and enjoy my past :)
good job mate.
Been there brother! Didn't work out for me, but has for many others, so it is possible... Good poem! beer
Thanks for the comments guys, I have high hopes it will work out!
wyo, may the hopes be met with the reality...all the best! ;-)
I really would take your time, here and watch those expectations,

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