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Long distance can cause compications,
And problems with communications.
Getting to know each other and such,
Harder without the taste, smell and touch

Cyber-romances can work out well,
But then again, they may be just Hell.
It all depends on those on the line,
If they are honest, things can be fine.

If you are pure and earnestly true,
Long distance romance can work for you.
Lay it all out, straight out from the front,
You just may find the one that you want.

But if you deceive, misrepresent,
Then things take on a sinister bent.
Things get all tangled, up in the lies,
When there is falsehood, somebody cries.

Getting to know each other online,
It's only normal, this day and time.
But play it straight, believe me it pays,
Honesty's best in these passion plays.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
Just my thoughts on the subject...

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Comments (11)

passion plays...a martyr and a killing. yep, that just about sums it up, FAL. laugh i kid...or do i? ok, i'll's an honest observation...though the world gets smaller by the day... coolio, i say! cheers
Maybe just hell , yepp so true sir full if liars i guess grin grin
Nice one Free,I feel people should be honest from the start,whether it is a friend or seeking a lover.Lies are eventually found out and sours a relation.Nice writes Free,Wow! you are great.thumbs up handshake
yes, dating sites are full of sad and lonely liars who have only themselves to blame for not telling the truth and showing themselves as they wine wine
Lovely rhyme and flow in your distinctive style.
Full of pot holes, internet liaisons, not your poems of course.
Great Poem Freeatlast thumbs up
True words you voice..and deffo agree!
Fab for those who find each other in cyber-world, honesty is key!

Ljj dancing
Thanks Gashly! Count on you to come up with a twisty angle...
Thanks manroe! Nice to hear from you.wave
Liked your poem and always in lovley rhyme, got to agree with you and carol on this oneteddybear
hug woooh,this one makes my day FREE,amazing mind writting this kind,,,ll,,,i love it,,thanks for sharinghug bouquet
trurorobonline today!
Good stuff FAL!
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