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How are we able to sustain our sanity?
Especially in these days and times when all we are concerned with is our vanity.

We are so cute and "all that".
We wrestle with life and fail to "pin 'it' to the mat".

Work is all consuming and we don't have any place to go.
We fight with demons and we find no peace within our soul.

We take exotic trips and include various activities in our life.
But yet we wonder around like scared little mice.

Our souls cry out to the heavens for a moment of relief.
And yet we continue to doubt and we can't seem to believe.

What must we do to shed this cloak of shame?
We dream, we drink, we politic our way to fame.

Yet we wonder through this life,
with an all consuming urge to drink Bud Light.

We pray, we hope, and we beg for mercy.
And yet the Church holds fast to it's doctrine and we approach the alter and curtsy.

With hope in our hearts, we continue to seek the truth.
We approach the Elders but receive only their rebukes.

How long can our hearts sustain this emptiness, this loneliness?
It is the "life" we seek, the way of Holiness
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Sep 2010
About this poem:
Religion hurts...

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how long can we sustain this loneliness,,,,damn,i keep asking that myself,,lol,,,very nicely express sir,i enjoyed the read thankscheers handshake

really thoughtful, yet painful poem well written, guess religion hurts, hope you find the God of peace in the bible..who is so very different..mercy and kindness..his qualities..forgiveness..
we are people - human-make mistakes.we need a God like this...serpico.
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