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My Idiot Check

I set out on a ride today
Anawhata beckoned its way

All sorted
as I closed the door

you bent the world
and you always soared

Jumped in the car
oh no!
there's more!

Hey babe it was your birthday yesterday
I'm half way around the way

I can celebrate another day

getting it sorted now

Your write of words I so miss,,,,

The idiot check

need to double check

What keys will open my front door,
which is the clasp it is so held and welded

Lots of keys


That's me!


Sitting on the floor
the picnic basket

foodage galore!
Forgot it!

I cast my eye upon the bench
"Shag Rock" so cool, yummy drop!

Forgot it!

maybe didn't

I am a norty wentch!

Gathering up
what I had not

would you
for me

What was already there....

Your time of you
sits at time
A greatest felled

It was not more years
to be so
I must leap wide eyed for me to grow

I drove into sunshine of the day..

Fell into "Imagine"

chucked my cares away

To "my loving legend"

Your birth day!
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2010
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Comments (7)

great write again the foodage galore..neat way to describe the picnic basket..great job...thumbs up
What a nice birthday present for your friend. Delicious write! wine
"Your write of words I so miss"...we all do, yet here we are, just you and me, and a few billion close friends...Imagining. ;-) ...what's in the basket?
"I must leap wide eyed for me to grow"...soph, imagining.

a birthday card like no, able to ignite all the candles on the cake with words, possibly enough to raise the greatest felled.

tribute, righto!

more flowers bouquet
I thank you all,

my write for John Lennon

wonderful sophia, tis the way you have with words, thats bedazzling, to me Irish eyes.bouquet
niah9online today!
When poems pop into the top tab, I just have to check em out...nice write SS, saw it was for John Lennon...great write and imagination...hope you are well...Niahteddybear gift
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