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Just Slipping Away

Green Green
and rusty orange
of landslide

was it delicately smoothing down the face
crashing pulled out by the storm?

To wake to chain saws
no different on a farm

But these were close
Too close

Upted out of bed
dog in tow

walked 4mins to my gate
a surrender of a cliff face
farmers chainsaws
clearing a haphazard way
awesome gathering

Love this Place
cause I feel for the face

Within the silence of the storm
Next day they came like a transformer army
cleared and sorted

I shall wait unhindered for the next
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2017
About this poem:
The front of the cliff face fell down outside my drive.

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Comments (6)

So I get to give you the first comment !
Ive seem many storms do in trees and buildings !
And it is not pretty when the trees are healthy.
but clean up is expected ,

So the saw roars and chops it away'
and human machines lift and lug it away,
sSomtimes the human hands so the rest ,
But in the wilderness it is left until
rotting or being hidden by new growth .

So for all nature there is cycles of life !

good post poem !beer
Hello Rusticbink
You see what I see, the ever evolving nature.

The gathered community power, the right of council workers to clear, which they are paid such minimum, yet a beautiful job.
Scanning more I await when then the next part of cliff and trees around the corner from me collapse.

thumbs up
You have a heart and soul and mind that I consider the ninth wonder of
the world. Who can tell of it?

Your fan, Cafe
Cafe! so many years, the world has such a place to keep revolving and we once meet again!
How beautiful

Thank you
Love Soph

"As You Are"

I remember visiting Christchurch, and the Canterbury district, with my ex-girlfriend. We were there for about 10 days. About a month after we left, NZ (Christchurch) got the two big Earthquakes. Strangely, though, in the time that we were there, not so much as a blade of grass quivered. I remember feeling for all our "NZ cousins" after this quake. This poem reminded me a little bit of this. Anyway glad you are OK cheers
godsprincessonline today!
Scary time for you - so glad you are okay. Take care.

Kathy teddybear
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