My Wandering Star

Once at Sixteen, I found a silver moon
Reflected at midnight upon a lake
Silver light and shadow through trees shone
The light upon each ripple shimmer made.
As if each ray could be a stepping stone
As if time now in eons did cascade -
And it is strange that I have come this far
What set this course for life my Wandering Star?

At that time I thought I saw a fancy
Or heard a ghost now shimmer through the trees -
Maybe bush spirits at midnight now were dancing
Or just a summer zephyr a warm breeze?
Something for this night was now romancing
That had so newly given my heart ease -
Something silver - peaceful - full moon beams
Caught and held my adolescent dreams.

I made my lover a bucolic charm
I kept that charm much closer to my heart
Words like a spell intended to disarm
That which spoke of poets and of art.
I look into the water now becalmed
All breeze is gone all ripples now depart -
Something sometime where we could not forsake
What started as a shadow on a lake.

So why now would I look on last night's gloom?
Tomorrow I would to you a red rose take
To light with all my light your empty room
And prove we could a lover's art retake.
There was a time, and that time came too soon
When love could no more make our two hearts quake; -
Something is now lost that was desired -
Why was this loss and heartbreak once prescribed?

For reasons we know not - nor meant to know
The Fates had put a fork into our road -
And now I've only poetry to grow
When I should have more affection showed.
It was those little things made our hearts glow -
Without them souls lie empty in abode;-
And it is strange that I have come this far -
What set this course for life my Wandering Star?

© lovecanbereal
All rights reserved
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2016
About this poem:
A poem about Megan - my first girlfriend - and my first love - in High School. A recollection of a moment of introspection, one Summer's night at Wentworth Falls Lake. (In the Upper Blue Mountains; about 100 km west of Sydney). Thanks for all your reads - lcbr.

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Comments (5)

southmiami4321online today!
What a beautiful memory recall from your heart.
Fear not to fell young at heart, that keeps us alive to see today and what comes tomorrow...
Enjoyed your write.SM
Thanks SM appreciate the comment - lcbr
godsprincessonline today!
Life's road is not straight and narrow. Love in youth is different then youth in adulthood. Very sad and haunting but beautiful - thanks for sharing.

Kathy kiss
Thanks GP for your comment. Any writer needs readers, much appreciated
thanks again - lcbr
SM - also enjoy your writing - thanks again - lcbr
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