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A Lesson too Late for the Learning

Life’s cruel blows teaches us a subtle difference
Between your hand being held and the grip of possession
Security doesn’t mean loosing your self-worth without compromise
Kisses aren’t a price to pay for complacency and acceptance
Lethargy is not a state of mind to contemplate
Your smile and laughter should be yours to share or not
Comprehension that life has its ups as well as downs
And learning life has cruel abandonment and defeats unfathomable
Questions that have no answers or reason that could possibly make logic
And equally, that beauty and happiness knows no bounds, momentarily
Character and forbearance is a road to journey today
Because yesterdays heartbroken ground is too rocky to stride
And futures path is filled with uncertainty and suspicious doubt
And soon the reality that nothing is forever, so savour the special moments
No one is completely on your side and blind trust leaves bitter disappointment
And that there is nothing we can’t endure or heal our spirit broken
That innocence is malevolently eroded by a cruel awakening and lesson
Whenever we feel alone and without hope to make it through another day
Look at the starving, the orphaned and the crippled then reassess
Happiness is a state of mind which is mostly of our own volition
Love is an emotion that can make us soar or take us to the depths of depression
One day is another day nearer to our demise, wasted, can never be relived
To find someone with whom you can truly laugh, cry, and just be
This is love, real love, unbridled without condition or material shackles
Finding is a joy to cherish; keeping it is a life’s vocation, if only we understood
‘I Love You’ a commonplace mouthpiece, living the love is life’s true worth
Loneliness is a curse bearing down as heavy as leaden weight
Ask those who had and lost love and let it slip away as a thief in the night
Without a sound, unnoticed that their heart and soul had been robbed
Life is about learning and with every hello and goodbye
Is it is a lesson too late for the learning?
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Nov 2010
About this poem:
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niah9online today!
Unconditional love...usually between mother and child, can be found in lovers, but sadly it sometimes fades.....Still we strive to fin it....and there is alway hope....lovely thought provoking many times do we get hurt...and yet continue in the quest for true love...Niahbouquet
Why are we so selfish wishing for one True Love to last forever? (My Love) Isn't the experience of love Satisfying even for a short time? Why is clinging to One True Love any different to anything else?

The flower blooms and then.....all over again.
That's how it is.
That's the learning.
The desire to own love...destroys Loving.
cool write lady in malta..wave thumbs up
bouquet bouquet
no, it's not a lesson too late for the learning. I suppose that most of us learn at some point or another. I love this composition. mayhaps it should be required reading for admission to connecting singles. hah! they sure would lose members more quickly. thank you irisheyes...
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