How long it has stood
A giant stone monolith
Deity for the warring tribes
It's heart as cold as the stone
From its quarry was carved
Many years have passed
Circles of hooded worshipers
Circles opened and closed
Generations come and gone
Baskets of fruit in season
Offerings to the many Gods
Of Earth, Sky, Water, and Fire
Yea...only truth is known
Like a passing cloud
Ever changing its shape
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2012
About this poem:
There is nothing concrete about truth...but only what it reveals to us
in our hearts and that's ever changing like a cloud in time and angle and altitude and color....drifting over us.

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A lot to think about here Yankee, reminds me a little of 'Cubism' in the art world, where you view an object from many angles and your final image is made up of many of these images instead of one single image from one view. thumbs up

purple heart purple heart
Wow, Yankee, you just exposed the truth as defined by Francis Bacon and I quote: "Men prefers to believe, what he prefers to be true." the subjective relativity of truth. This is scary but yet we do tend to disect its essence to establish what serves best for the purpose of the many, but when it is twisted to serve the purpose of the corrupt then we do have a big problem.

I know you know what I mean...

Thanks for sharing and your poems are all so soothing in the heart because it is mostly a tribute to our beautiful nature.

Yea...only truth is known
Like a passing cloud
Ever changing its shape
LadyBee... Thank you my sentiments exactly agree...too often what we see isn't always what is reality...just an interpretation of what we have always expected....
Thank you Windy.... we only have to read the headlines today to realize things aren't always what we want to believe they a sad kind of way there are those who profit by fooling the rest of us to believe something that just ain't so...sort of like taking out fire insurance on all your neighbors then arranging for a's a crazy world.....
Cool read Yankee...makes me envision druids at Stonehenge drinking
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