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And He Took No Prisoners

Unrequited loves stature, stoic, forbidding and so hopelessly bleak
Masculine, vainglorious and ostensibly far too proud to be weak
From loves tender breast, warm and nurturing, with hope and grace
Betrayed dreams and loves eternal expectations, erased from your face

Lost in the raging abyss of true love, besmirched with pain and hatred
Pitilessly torn down and rebuffed without aspiration and left dead and fated
Anger and recrimination for a possibility of hope that lies crushed and broken
From bitter contorted lips, holding back the words of conciliation never spoken

Disappointment pent up sorrow shackled pensively and securely inside
Ebbing away fondness of memories, intensifying a murky obliterating tide
You’re weeping unforgiving heart breaking, cruelly smite viciously through
Your future resolves not to be touched by those who will callously forsake you
To continue life’s journey alone and resentfully bitter without hope and sensation
A squandered future from possible delight, now eluding chance of repatriation

Not to hear the soloist from the crescendo of the symphony playing deep inside
The fire that burns so intensely consuming and devouring all traces of pride
Now your words that taunt and deride the forbidding convention you now affect
There’s no white flag; there can be no surrender, no reach you don’t suspect

What I hear is the shattering of a broken spirit the sound of your breaking heart
The disquiet of that which brought joy of love, but forgot to tell of the searing pain
That the bonding edifice of two souls that intertwine and loves replicas produced
Desirous lust for a burning passion, the spirits easy compliance to be seduced

The fire that burnt so bright is all but extinguished with a destiny not yet quelled
And with life’s inevitable descending shadow and waiting tears welled
Should feigned lament of a love lost and a bitter reproach deflect?
The joy to be loved by you and be rescued from this empty reject

And yet precedent reflections project starkly with redolent clarity
The jagged shards of trampled love’s poignant echo remain in parity
Every torrent chafes a course consuming all that blithely flowed before
The halcyon hazes manifestation weeps for a crippled passion restored
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2010
About this poem:
Mistrust and resentment can never lead to a happy fulfilment of life

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