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"Gently Nailed""

sleeping thoughts, of all that was

sleeping thoughts that's all

who was that guard
who was that crusifier

who nailed me shut
who released my soul

who left a hardened footprint

grabbed me me when I was down

what sights were so terrifying

who comforted me
upon my looking

who touched my soul
then walked beautifully away

who spiked my life
then slipped the knife

with sudden words
they came striding
towards my face

confused no more
a love racking at the core

no hole to fall
no ground to kiss

an elevated sweetness

a voice I miss

as devil's may be
an angel stood

beside me

and you
with utter deep passion

hidden by a mask

So utterly smashing


~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2010
About this poem:
Love Molly....xx

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Comments (8)

one powerful expression sophia
fantastic poeem sophiaa,very well versed,thanks for sharingwine bouquet
Fresh and cool. great write SS hug
sophia, another enigmatic write from the master of the enigmatic down, my friend are singular! ;-)
Hi, sophiasummer,
Of comfort and loss, torment and salvation, by mask hidden...sleeping thoughts, of all that was / sleeping thoughts that's all...nicely cascading, sweetly beside.
Difficult to describe the unique beautiful way you write sophia, but that's what is so beautiful about it. Someone once said, 'that the artist job is to deepen the mystery,' and you keep that spirit keep the universe in your back pocket..lolteddybear bouquet teddybear
Angels guide us and Satan bewitches us. What a heck of a balance. Gorgeous write!wine hug heart wings bouquet
Hi know how confused I get with some poems, always trying to understand...well this I understood, though it may not be as you intended, but I understood...and loved it without reservation.....
Niahteddybear teddybear
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