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Perplexed Flare

This eternal flame that’s blazin’ with glee
Brings thoughts of what could be
Of a tale untold between hearts unfree
Disobedience equates a nifty fee

This flame that flickers oh so brightly
Envisages a knight so mighty
Of ideas so lurid and unworldy
Never knowing if the cause is all worthy

What is there to do
With this flame that gives no clue
Shed some tears quite a few
This tunnel no one can get through

To move on is not an option
So is holding on
Perhaps it is best to wait
And see what’s designed by fate
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Aug 2012

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Comments (2)

Nice poem Scofa09.. I'd be more inclined to follow the last two lines :)
Perhaps it is best to wait
And see what’s designed by fate
thumbs up

Welcome to poets corner wine
Thanks LadyMorgana60 although, obviously, I'm so not in the same league as your writing. Have a good day!

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