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>>>>>> Just a walk of nature >>>>>>>>

When I was a child I had it all I had it all.
I cannot take it back when I walked I was afraid and under the bridge was a step or two.
I could not see the other side the help of the others I made it through
Often thought; so little to nothing at all but truthfully I had so much.
I was given the life I deserve and live it to it full wing.
Struggles are for learning having easy life is only for the chance and to struggle we learn to survive the obstacles of life streams of up and downs.
I ponder what tomorrow will bring the joy of a new moment to cherish yesterday.
Picnics and lunches the thinking is out of the box.
Do I have a friend today I had you yesterday what is today.
Crying makes the birds fly harder, swallow the pride as a new day has begun.
Leaving on a jet plane take you only cross the country and you are still here.
I thought finding beneath myself it would be alright.
Knowing I lost within myself someone would care.
Glancing in the mirror is just another tear drop….
Saying to myself I miss you…..
Do you care if so share a care......
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Posted: Sep 2012
About this poem:
To have the chance to walk is a chance some do not get....

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Wow to care is to give a care and if not do some keep on walking.teddybear
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