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~~Silent Prayer~~

If God could only hear me, but to what I do not know is He does listen
I fight the tears by day and night as I hear the only whisper
I needed one more Angel
Raspy but calmly I look above and all I see is a pair of Angel wings
I smile and know He Nathan is watching over me
I calmly go about my day
Then another whisper comes again say your day is over
But As I know my list has not been completed
As I had so much to say to my little boy
Before January 21st , 2007 hit all over me
We often never understand the word
Something so short if spelled backwards
What? The list goes on and on…..
Jesus is in your Heart
God in your life
Softly The whisper is back
I’m an angel
Once again
Jesus Loves me, This little light of mine, Jesus loves the little children
Before my eyes the ghost of an Angel appeared before my eyes saying
Eternity is the Kingdom of God
May I whisper one more word
I love you Momma
Soon I fell asleep as the wings had wrapped around me
Soon the whisper came back and had asked me have you accepted
I whisper softly back…..
Yes once again
The lights came back on,
The room was full of cool air
My tears were gone
I had thought I was in the same room as my little boy
But that moment went by and it was only morning time
The light from Heaven is goodness
The rest was given because I am a believer
Best of everything is that I have accepted Christ and because of this
God has only borrowed my little love one my "NATHAN" and some day
He “GOD” will return and place me in the “wings” of an

© Breathless22 , 2013
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Dec 2013
About this poem:
Some may know back in 2007 I lost my son Nathan to a bad hunting accident . He was only 20 years old at the time this month he would of turn 27 so my heart continue to hurt and linger on hard with unanswered moments and this is when my writing just pops into my head and here is another example of what happens in my writes and hope you all can enjoy this one as I am missing my only boy I have ever had. R.I.P. Nathan Wayne

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Comments (2)

R.I.P. My baby Angel Nathan Wayneheart wings
Hello breathless,
I'm very sorry I missed your sharing of this intensely poignant and beautiful Silent Prayer

May you know deep comfort from being embraced by the wings of the sacred, whether you're awake or asleep.

My heartfelt condolences on the loss of your beloved son, Nathan.

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