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Touch of Love ~~~

Love is blind
And so must I be~~
Sitting by the shore
Collecting sea~shell’s
One by one~~

Rapture of the time
Can I collect another moment
Of time~~

Now I can see
Must I go~~
For the sea is dry
And no shells left
As I have got them all~~

Getting more time
Is the fond memory of us
As the hour’s stand long~~
Time is of the essence
And it is of you and me~~

That love is unfolded
Now we can see together~~
Leaving the sea together
Take a shell with us
One and one make’s ~~
The two of us forever
As long as love is not~~
Blind no longer
© breathless22 3/16/2014
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Mar 2014
About this poem:
Feel the grasp of lost love once again

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