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Dark Poetry

We think of dark as the color black.

We often become afraid within ourself.

Dark sometimes brings out what is from within ourself.

When it becomes too dark we run.

Darkness is just the darker shade of gray.

Do not run from dark as dark closes within you.

Witches and caves, bats, and deep darkness into the night.

Do not be afraid it soon will be light.

As dark turns away to daylight. The thing to dark is not to run.

>>>>Dark Is Beautiful>>>>
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Feb 2013
About this poem:
It is okay to have some darkness in your life.

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Comments (7)

Yes it is ok Breathless,
I doubt if anyone of us hasn't at one point known some know & understand those dark times is to allow growth & appreciate the light.

Thanks for sharing, enjoyed thumbs up bouquet
I like dark and abstract poetry

I loved yours..."Dark is Beautiful"cool
Thanks friends sometimes the dark comes out of happy and sad feelings and YES we should shed a few abstracts or writes and glad you liked it.teddybear
Love this write well.penned:).breathless..... applause cheering
Inside the darkness we find the 'primordial womb'
the 'Sunyata'... what ultimately gives way to
creation, creativity, Light, healing, Love

Thanks again my poet friends glad we all are on the same page with dark poetry.
I fear the darkness so it brings a sense me dread. . my bad
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