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Ungratefully Your's

I bought a ticket
to my life
But I was cheated
it was over priced
And you said you loved me
like it's a joke
I spent my whole life
and now I'm broke

Everything goes away
Everything ends
Everything goes away
Say goodbye again

I was selfish
when we made love
I fell asleep
sucking on my thumb
I'm not the failure
I think I am
Try to believe it
don't think I can

Everything goes away
Everything ends
Everything goes away
With all of my friends

I tried to give me
my own advice
But couldn't take it
for thinking twice
I can't save you
from your sour soul
I can't change you
or have control

Everything goes away
Everything ends
Everything goes away
Never say goodbye again
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Oct 2009

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Comments (5)

what ends must begin again to end again. onwards moving always.. law of our lives as we live itthumbs up
Every end is simply a new beginning 'Never say goodbye again'. Thank you.
Next time dont fall asleep sucking ur thumb tongue
That's funny sunnn. I'm sure you realize it's a metaphorelaugh
Awesome poem again ecm-very very well expressed.I hope you stick around and share your poetry with us here and dont say goodbye hug bouquet
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