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Hitchin' Down to Jane

Verse I

The world has turned to green again,
So I guess winter's done.
The daffodils and dogwood trees,
Say spring has fin'ly sprung.
Gotta go almost to Arkansas,
Supplies I must obtain.
I have no wheels to make the trip,
So'm hitchin' down to Jane.


Hitchin' down to Jane, yeah,
Hitchin' down to Jane.
I've things to buy,
And have no ride,
So'm hitchin' down to Jane.

Verse II

The nearest store with what I need,
Is eighteen miles away.
I have no friend to take me there,
I'm very sad to say.
The car I had caught fire you see,
There's only me to blame.
Too far to walk and I can't fly,
So'm hithchin' down to Jane.

Verse III

Guess I could postpone my trip,
And go another day.
But the weather's fine an'I have the time,
So'm on my lonely way.
The road is long and treacherous,
It always seems the same.
But I'm outta wine and cigarettes,
So'm hitchin down to Jane
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010
About this poem:
Life was handin me lemons, so I made some lemonade. Written on the side of the road while hitchhiking... To Jane, of course - lol

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Comments (3)

i see the makin's of a record with you! (now how do i paste a quarter note right here!)
Thanks! Workin on recording thing. Downloaded truetype font of music symbols but when I paste here it gets translated back to their default font. Won't let me paste clip art either...
freeatlast64847 - can totally picture it! very cool song :)thumbs up lol!
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