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The Rain

You made the pain, I made it mine
You made it rain all the time
Moods tainted by the drink
Always pushing me to the brink
Repeated threats to take my life
Sober requests to make me your wife
Guilt trips which were moronic at best
Well below average in every I.Q test
Angry words and a drug addled mind
Why the hell did I stay? Still undefined
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010
About this poem:
I still get angry when I think about my ex and I just needed to vent that with writing. It's a bit sombre and for that I apologize.

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Comments (10)

Understand your feelings Sweetie,a family member of mine going through the same,The anger that is spewed forth makes me run for cover.But I suppose you do not hurt people who are not connected with your pain.God help you get over it.sad flower comfort hug
Thankyou Paloma, and I am over it. It's very hard to miss being treated horribly.
I can feel your pain. It's good to vent. I hope you feel better soon. Take care.
Hi, Katfight,
You made the pain, I made it mine and Why the hell did I stay? Still undefined express clearly the conflicted feelings of the victim of abuse. Although the reason for staying is Still undefined, that the narrator has freed herself is a significant step towards to knowing. Nice work.
And another thankyou to Pinkpoetress and gnj4u. I have very strong emotions towards the abuse cycle. This poem was more a more personal approach to another I wrote (a much too common story). Thanks again for the supportive words.
don't work about it being's that way sometimes, especially where drinking to excess is. Thanks Kat.
trurorobonline today!
enjoyed the poem Kat, even if reminds you of very sad times!
I really like it ..

Thanks for sharing kat heart1

Katfight - love your poem...and the first line speaks volumes! "You made the pain, I made it mine"hug
I love your poem
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