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Haven't We Met Before?

I feel as if I've met you before
I have a feeling that there is something more
Maybe we met in a life that has past
And have finally found each other at last

I just know that we have quite a history
Just another of life's many mysteries
For centuries we have lived through the ages
Watching the Earth progress through it's many stages

In every single life we've found each other
Always drawn to you and not to another
When we reunite, my soul is at peace
When life gets rocky we have one another at least

I bet we've lived all over the world
Parented so many boys and girls
Maybe we were under the Pharoah's rule of Egypt
Maybe we saw Colombus off for his very first trip

Or we lived in China and helped build the Great Wall
Seen the sights in Paris and the Eiffel Tower so tall
Perhaps we were victims under Hitler's rule
Maybe we were pilgrims with a pig and a mule

Alas, my dear, my time has again come
The time we have left is absolutely none
My soul is now ready to depart
To go to a brand new body, with a brand new start

Don't despair, we'll be together once more
Every corner of the Earth I'll never cease to explore
It's only a short time till we will be back together
Because, my love, we will be, always and forever
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Apr 2010
About this poem:
Just musing through rhyme about reincarnation.

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Comments (9)

It's really weird you writing this because my ex is and average good for nothing guy but something drew me to him. It was like I'd known him forever and I still feel that way now. Really weird ey??
We talked on the phone for the first time and I felt so at ease but not meant to be ey?? Spooky! Great poem teddybear
Katfight - wow!! this is a great exploration...i enjoyed your poem immensely!!cheers
Thanks so much Jazzy bouquet You always post the nicest comments.
I wonder if I will even be human in the next lifeconfused I think I'd like to be a goldfish. Good poem kat...Thought provoking.drinking
Simply Amazing :) remembering now my ex as well :(

Thanks for sharing sweet kat

Enjoyed your poem very much. Made me wonder. I am waiting for that connection. Maybe this is what I am waiting for. My split apart. The one who keeps showing up life after life. cheers Will he ever get here this time?sad flower
I had to wonder myself, if I've already met that person and if so is he staying right away? laugh It is a pretty concept though isn't it?
katfight, a musing past lives....again! ;-)
trurorobonline now!
Send it too Shirley Maclaine!!, you have a lot of potential my friend, your poetry gets better and better. Nice write
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