“Suffer the little children to come unto me..”Matt.:19-14

Uvalde mass killings.

“Suffer” them but do not make them,
Suffer harm, agents of mayhem.
Life or guns the ultimatum,
Daughters, sons, will no one save them?

Wingless angels, blood and guts,
Carnage of the guns influx,
“Thoughts and prayers” are not enough,
“Deeply saddened” be rebuffed!

Abhorrent is the masquerade,
Some danced with wolves as children played, No laws preventing harm were made, No fathers arms for child afraid.

You whose heart is bulletproof,
Come and see what bullets do,
Bone and flesh like liquid oozed,
You unmoved are wicked too!

All nineteen children left for dead,
By nineteen men that made a pledge,
They would not cower, would not hedge,
These men will die a thousand deaths.

Blue lives mattered more than those,
Browner kids don’t fit the mold,
They don’t matter tags for toes,
Script unravelled lies exposed!

Yellow men some dressed in blue,
Have fetishized the Devils’ tools,
They’ve never once played by the rules.
They play the rest of us for fools!

“Locked doors” won’t stop mass casualties, “Good guys with guns” the fallacy, afraid of unarmed blacks and shadows, harshest judgement prison, gallows?

What must be the penalty,
When duty shirked makes many grieve?
For them what respite, what relief?
Glad heirs that rest on Fathers’ knee.
WBJS 6/15/22
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 16
About this poem:
I know it’s late but I had to say something. I hear responsible gun owners and the majority of Americans want gun legislation that prevents this daily occurrence.
Lawmakers must do better. Were it their own kids dying they would do something Yesterday! Inflation, the economy are important but people are dying senselessly. This cannot be ignored!

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Comments (1)

it is happeneing because the world belongs to the demons
a 1000 years ago or more you wont have this freedom to voice
children were dying in numbers too everywhere
and the birth of our Christ brought forth the same cruelty to the innocents

we are our worst enemies
and the devil and his minions dont get their hands dirty
just like when he tempt Eve
many more guns for the killing of these children .

u need a Gandhi guy/gal to end this .
a martyr ...if u can find one
its not the guns ... its the thoughts and ideology
change that and you might just have a miracle hug
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