The Quotes Garden - IX – The Whirl within the World

"The Quotes Garden"

[ IX ]

The Whirl within the World

“O! Rise forth, thy Whirling of the whole, –
A Pulse is what a Life and Death, amend,
Thou Lore hath core, where none awakens thee!
The Word thou warps around an edge, to be
What whirls, within thine seed! – and as they blend,
Thy Soul, thou ART, as nothingness shows all!
- There shines, thine core, which binds the whirling World!..

Thy Soul, is Lore hath found a path to thee?!..
What sparkling waving, turns, thine bliss?
Where rhythms thee finds, thou Pulse, conceives?!
Below the depths, where deeper sighting tree
Whirls trembling waves, which only Soul perceives,
Thy Lore hath found the Heaven or the abyss?..
O! And what has seen the World, and what, thy Muse, thou miss?!..”



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Posted: Sep 24
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