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I'm Free?

You tell me I'm free.
To express
what's inside of me.
But when I open my mouth.
And verbal bullets shoot out.
The whole thing,
just goes south.
He's got an opinion.
Oh my god,
he'll slander the dominion.
put him away.
Where no one will hear,
what he has to say.
So I am free.
If I'll only be,
what you want me to be.
Or I'll rott away,
The rest of my days,
in solitary.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: May 2010
About this poem:
How free are we really

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Comments (8)

A good attempt. Keep it up.
Interesting write, thanks.
Thanks for the comments.. I wish this thing had a spell checker.
Just type it into Word (or w/e word processing software you have), and then copy-paste it onto the CS template. That way the spelling has been checked before you try to post it.

Best of Luck!cheers
doh ri-i-ight, to easy for me to think of it. Thanks
this is terrific...thanks chuck
Chuck - great question...and write :) thanks for postingthumbs up
trurorobonline now!
good musing!!
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by Unknown
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