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A friend I shall remain

"Is it so wrong to speak your mind, to be honest in your thoughts and to be honest and kind"

"Accept me for who I am for I am true and open minded, I am tired of being misunderstood, you make me weep, you leave me blinded"

"Be proud you have a friend like me, who will listen, who does not judge and encourages you to be free..I offer you words of wisdom, experience, I do my best to fill your days with joy and glee"

"Direct your anger and frustration towards me, it's ok, for I know you don't really mean it....sometimes it is best to reach rock bottom, for only then can you see that you will rise again, and maybe higher than you ever expected"

"I'll never change, I like who I am, a strong but sensitive being, take it, for I am offering you my hand....I'll not walk ahead of you, neither will I walk behind you, but side by side we will stroll, together, adding humor and laughter..Tears..they will be few"

"So trudge along grudgingly my friend if that is what you wish, I'll not give up on you, I'll wait patiently, your deserved life I will unleash"

"Now you will reap lifes wonderful delights, the smell of nature, and the worlds most astounding sights...This is what you have been missing, the simplicity of it all, and should you ever trip and tumble, I'll always be there to catch your fall"
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Posted: Jun 2010

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Comments (8)

wow...seems to be some very heartfelt and excellent words coming down today! you have clearly added a great deal to them, thank you big K. great words on a great day!
Many thanks goodguy....thumbs up
Thanx for your honesty, patients, and obvious sound like a wonderful friend.I have a good friend that is always on my side..and I love her, and am so thankful to have her in my life!.....wave JG...hug wine grin
very nice....
"Now you will reap life's wonderful delights, the smell of nature, and the worlds most astounding sights"... Love that line..and for your friend to have you there side by side is rich beyond compare..hug

A lovely write "K" thumbs up

Ljj cool angel
Simply great ^_^ applause
Lovely sentiments Kyriacos, good friends seem to be a rarity these days ? Maymyo: purple_heart:
Wow! That is beautiful!
Someone is very lucky indeed to have you as their friend! handshake
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