Should non-profit organizations be tax exempt?

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Poll: Should non-profit organizations be tax exempt?

If the organization is non-profit then its taxes are going to be $0.0 or near to very little to pay.


And no, they should not be tax-exempt so they can have their books in order and a better control over their finances.

Besides they could also ask for some refunds on some taxes paid like the VAT when buying equipment, etc...


the real poll should be:

should quasi-political and political entities get a tax exempt status?

and I personally say NO!

and for all those companies bitching about the scrutiny of the IRS over their application to be tax exempt. Shame on those companies pretending to have some "social" activities when the majority of their activities is to collect funds to support political candidates or lobby for causes in Washington. and while I am on a rant - to all those non-profits that raise money for a cause and then all of the money goes to the telemarketers - they need their tax exempt status yanked AND they need to be punished for their cheating the people who think they are curing cancer, or helping veterans etc.

very happy ok rant over..... uh oh I think

Taxes have become a problem in the United States. In some areas, there is a push to tax (monetarily) any non-monetary benefits such as health care/child care services. This is completely unfair, and some representatives are lobbying strongly to prevent it. (Yay). The question would be, why have a 'benefit' that is not really a benefit after all, if it is taxed as money? Totally inappropriate. To answer the question as to non-profits being tax exempt--well, of course. Providing they are on the up and up, this is completely fair. Only profiteering should be taxed. If I mow my neighbors' lawn as a favor, should I be taxed for the amount the job is worth? Good heavens! Get the meaning?


About taxes:
Here (Me x) we do have the VAT in several categories:
For agricultural activities the VAT = 0% so we have to specify it on an invoice even with a 0 %. Not doing it could get a penalty from the IRS.
So do we have to pay the VAT on agricultural activities?
Yes, with a 0 % toll.

Some people might try to take advantages of the system (IRS) and if they are exempted they might do illegal and immoral (like the quasi political and political organizations that Kim has said) activities and cover them up under the Non-profit-Organization “blanket”.
They might also take advantages of the system even if they are not exempted as well.

If a NPO has not profit it will pay nothing on taxes yet it will have to have its paper wok done monthly and annually -here- with all the nuisance that it is.

We are talking about Non-Profit organizations and that is very clear:
They should have not profits.

Everyone including the NPO should pay their taxes and for non-profiters their taxes will be close to $0.0.

We are talking about the same yet from a different angle.

And I am not sharing Hugh Jackman with you!




Not sharing Hugh Jackman with me! (actually, I couldn't blame you...)beer

love a good rant...

hmmm To be honest with what some of these non profits around here pay their workers it is difficult to even want to give them a donation. They also are really known for wasting the donations given to them. They might be non profit but how much of the donations are going to where they are needed and how much is going to the three p's? Pay, partying and pissing the donations away? mumbling

B ill Gates and Warren Buffet gave $70 billion in various stocks to the Gates Foundation and in turn received $70 billion in up front tax deductions even though they continue to control the stock through the foundation and gave away less than $100 million in the first year. At that rate, they will give away the initial value of the stock in a little over 700 years. In the meantime, they can sell another $70 billion in assets now and pay no tax on the gain.
This is also the case with the Rockefeller Foundation, Ford, Walton and numerous others.

Another way the rich get richer. Can one call it a donation when it is basically used to profit the giver? I could never quite figure that out. hmmm


Most non-profits are a tax dodge for a select group of individuals that was supported by most members of congress and therefore it is legal. Whether or not it is morally right really isn't and issue with these people.

Depends on the business and the amount of profit they receive each year. (in my opinion)


I think graduated taxes are appropriate for certain church events. For instance, a Good Friday all you can eat snapper dinner would be taxed only 5 to 10 cents on the U.S.dollar.

But, if you have a joint Catholic Church sponsored outdoor combo event including both all the deep fried fishes you can eat and indoor naked women wet mud wrestling championships, the tax could easily be as much as 30 cents on the dollar for the total package event admissions

Jest my two cents

cheering cheering cool

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