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This one is WAY good.. Beef Wellington in Puff/Phyllo21514Apr 14Apr 1611 hrs ago
Australia threads952Apr 13Apr 13May 21
Current cable and network programs1605Mar 24Mar 243 hrs ago
Not trying to hit any nerves…54627Feb 25Feb 25May 21
Ridiculous Inflation1,84582Dec 3Feb 165 mins ago
Yo buddies out there51820Feb 12Feb 15May 22
Quick response, please66632Jan 31Feb 1May 21
TENNIS86643Jan 15Jan 2015 hrs ago
Ghislaine Maxwell2,11180Dec 29Jan 54 hrs ago
This-N-That…1,40079Dec 31Jan 2May 22
A bit of mordant humor to start the day43012Oct 18Dec 12 hrs ago
Primarily for the U.S. and territories…2869Nov 19Nov 2138 mins ago
Autumn Resolution1420Oct 21Oct 2122 hrs ago
A little fun to start the day2146Sep 29Sep 302 hrs ago
Favorite “Little House On The Prairie” episode1,04346Sep 2021Sep 24May 22
Starting the day right and good—23214Sep 2021Sep 2021May 21
Cards2673Aug 2021Aug 20214 hrs ago
Ideas for dealing with high maintenance friends1,30140Aug 2021Aug 2021May 22
Had no idea . . .93534Aug 2021Aug 20212 hrs ago
Good health34614Jul 2021Jul 20215 hrs ago
Economics44618Jul 2021Jul 2021May 21
Rents3054Jun 2021Jul 2021May 22
Something I’ve wondered about for years....4329Jun 2021Jun 2021May 21
Edward V and Richard, Duke of York2997Jun 2021Jun 20212 hrs ago
Service Animals74525Jun 2021Jun 2021May 21
Memorial Day Pic-Nik Pot Luck32811May 2021May 202113 hrs ago
Kinda fun- kinda informative thread...2972May 2021May 20219 hrs ago
Some more idioms, similes, metaphors, OH MY!69520Apr 2021Apr 202123 hrs ago
OK I’m gonna try this..2,27858Mar 2021Apr 2021May 22
Religion——Ah, Sorrry...52811Apr 2021Apr 20212 hrs ago
Boulder92926Mar 2021Mar 202110 hrs ago
JUST WONDERING4276Dec 2020Mar 2021May 21
Multiple Telephone Calls63120Feb 2021Mar 2021May 21
Just About Anything & Everything97821Feb 2021Mar 20218 hrs ago
Monday’s Child...50012Feb 2021Feb 202121 hrs ago
Reaching Out—(Cat issues)54615Feb 2021Feb 2021May 21
“You Be The Judge”53810Feb 2021Feb 2021May 21
let’s make some meals...57323Jan 2021Jan 2021May 21
Resolutions/Affirmations68617Dec 2020Jan 202119 mins ago
Oh my God. I finally made it to Australia. Ha ha1,18926Nov 2020Dec 20206 hrs ago
Technical Difficulties3005Dec 2020Dec 2020May 21
Stimulus Checks40615Dec 2020Dec 2020May 21

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