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Kinda fun- kinda informative thread...1322May 7May 77 hrs ago
Some more idioms, similes, metaphors, OH MY!49020Apr 11Apr 1311 hrs ago
OK I’m gonna try this..1,99658Mar 31Apr 76 hrs ago
Religion——Ah, Sorrry...35511Apr 5Apr 76 hrs ago
Boulder72326Mar 23Mar 313 hrs ago
JUST WONDERING3576Dec 30Mar 12May 13
Multiple Telephone Calls50520Feb 9Mar 12May 13
Just About Anything & Everything79521Feb 28Mar 10May 16
Monday’s Child...38912Feb 22Feb 2317 hrs ago
Reaching Out—(Cat issues)46615Feb 16Feb 18May 13
“You Be The Judge”46010Feb 1Feb 214 hrs ago
let’s make some meals...46623Jan 23Jan 24May 13
Resolutions/Affirmations59717Dec 31Jan 10May 13
Oh my God. I finally made it to Australia. Ha ha94626Nov 17Dec 29May 13
Technical Difficulties2275Dec 27Dec 27May 13
Stimulus Checks35815Dec 23Dec 26May 14
Oregon/ West Coast41421Dec 7Dec 12May 13
Kitten Update22911Dec 5Dec 11May 13
Adages and such...45120Dec 6Dec 11May 13
OK. This is religiousness...51928Dec 2Dec 3May 13
Telephone Scammers43718Nov 19Nov 25May 13
Breaking News64728Nov 14Nov 14May 13
THE KITTEN HAS LANDED1,52177Sep 2020Oct 13May 15
Kitten pic, and 1 more of yours truly...a few years ago, but it’s one of my faves.35215Oct 2Oct 3May 13
Now y’all can see who you’re talking to...85123Oct 1Oct 224 hrs ago
Now y’all can see who you’re talking to2010Oct 1Oct 1May 13
Some of TheBest songs of my generation33317Sep 27Sep 29May 13
Let’s get some fresh material—-I’ll start48919Sep 22Sep 23May 14
THRIFT STORE SAILING....2569Sep 18Sep 18May 13
DECLUTTERIG2054Sep 2020Sep 2020May 13
Can anyone finish this..35214Aug 2020Aug 2020May 16
A legal question48119Jul 2020Aug 2020May 16
How frugal are you, and other hobbies...62726Jul 2020Jul 2020May 15
Political correctness43216Jul 2020Jul 2020May 9
Department of Motor Vehicles3859Jun 2020Jul 2020May 1
Minneapolis10,837788May 2020Jun 202013 hrs ago
Venting a little...1,17334Jun 2020Jun 2020May 13
HEY I;m still here80330Apr 2020May 2020May 11
A friendly heads up37513May 2020May 2020May 15
Anyone and Everyone74222Feb 2020Feb 2020Apr 28

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