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Wannabe romance stuff1,13743Apr 15Apr 1847 mins ago
J.S. case23610Feb 20Feb 22Apr 18
Just have to ask this...26814Dec 1Dec 2Apr 19
This is really crazy..........42612Jun 2018Jun 2018Apr 20
Wanting serious comments regarding a particular business practice63122May 2018May 201811 hrs ago
Kittens & Cats52422Feb 2018Feb 2018Apr 15
Proposal to force wait staff to pool/share and/or turn their tips over to management1484Dec 2017Dec 2017Apr 13
Check this story out folks, and tell everyone what you believe should, or will happen...67823Oct 2017Dec 2017Apr 18
Can't believe what just happened...1,88823Oct 2014Oct 2017Apr 18
Coincidence or...1,20738Sep 2017Oct 201719 hrs ago
delete how to's1,01310Nov 2016Aug 20177 hrs ago
weight loss94833Jul 2017Jul 201711 hrs ago
Laugh lines from past movies and tv shows--C'mon everybody!!3579Apr 2017Apr 2017Apr 19
Any well educated scientific-types out there to help with a few questions?1,45317Nov 2016Dec 201613 hrs ago
YO LINDZI!!1,5561Jul 2016Nov 2016Apr 13
Something I forgot to add a few days ago!!2,11660Sep 2016Sep 201610 hrs ago
Financial News4538Sep 2016Sep 20168 hrs ago
Recent accident--1,35420Aug 2016Aug 2016Apr 19
Can we talk?1,16622Jul 2016Jul 2016Apr 19
I can't make up my mind--taking advice on tonights' dinner1,88215Sep 2013Jun 2016Apr 19
question-6402Jun 2016Jun 2016Apr 19
Sports News6597Apr 2016Jun 2016Apr 17
Background checking91210Aug 2015Jun 2016Apr 16
Not sure if this is International, or for U.S.A. only1,14615May 2016May 2016Apr 19
California Parole Board recommends freeing Manson Family killer8453Apr 2016Apr 2016Apr 14
Need a little sound advice1,98022Feb 2016Feb 2016Apr 16
New Traffic Scam - BEWARE1,88723Sep 2015Sep 20156 hrs ago
want honest answers, but no sarcasm, pu--leeze--1,96137Aug 2015Sep 2015Apr 19
This is gonna be a good n'....(I think...)2,10141Jul 2015Jul 2015Apr 19
wow they actually have the right forum for this!!5607Jul 2015Jul 201520 hrs ago
This will be about stuff that is PC, not PC, ad infinim, so if it's not to your interest........2,03645Jul 2015Jul 2015Apr 14
Asking help from anyone familiar with psychology, behaviors, etc...3,77595Jun 2015Jun 201513 hrs ago
New stuff around the house...1,05421Jun 2015Jun 2015Apr 19
I think someone tried to sucker me1,50623Jan 2015Jun 201513 hrs ago
It wasn't just Nostradamas9156May 2015Jun 2015Apr 20
...keep me searching for a heart of gold.....4,5610May 2015May 2015Apr 19
Want honest comments1,49932Apr 2015Apr 2015Apr 19
Wrote about this last year.....4564Apr 2015Apr 2015Apr 16
Relationship Problem Because Of A Pet1,24620Feb 2015Feb 2015Apr 15
I want to talk about Brian Williams, (NBC anchor)1,04815Feb 2015Feb 2015Apr 20
A RIDDLE FOR YOU...........87916Jan 2015Feb 2015Apr 18
Good Morning Everybody61310Jan 2015Jan 2015Apr 17

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