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Wanting advice for pain53116Sep 19Sep 26Sep 29
When was the last time you cried?3,32273Jul 2022Aug 192 hrs ago
Oh my God. I finally made it to Australia. Ha ha1,81822Nov 2020Aug 824 hrs ago
Wanting feedback regarding CS membership76321Jul 17Jul 2412 hrs ago
Different Types of Retirement70111Apr 3May 16Sep 28
R.I.P. Gordon Lightfoot64615May 4May 142 hrs ago
I just read a thread about charities----5997Mar 23Mar 2619 mins ago
Oscar Pistorious (AGAIN!!)66911Mar 20Mar 2219 hrs ago
Prices and such...89719Mar 9Mar 1319 mins ago
Finances45612Jan 14Jan 15Sep 29
A bit of fun (again!!)5378Dec 2022Dec 202216 hrs ago
Actress/Model Ann Heche2,10634Aug 2022Aug 202224 hrs ago
I admit I'm confused....80911Jul 2022Jul 2022Sep 29
GASLIGHTING1,05516May 2022Jun 2022Sep 29
This one is WAY good.. Beef Wellington in Puff/Phyllo47514Apr 2022Apr 2022Sep 26
Australia threads2572Apr 2022Apr 20227 hrs ago
Current cable and network programs3405Mar 2022Mar 2022Sep 27
Not trying to hit any nerves…77625Feb 2022Feb 20227 hrs ago
Ridiculous Inflation2,51368Dec 2021Feb 20229 hrs ago
Yo buddies out there78619Feb 2022Feb 2022Sep 22
Quick response, please91026Jan 2022Feb 2022Sep 25
TENNIS1,20630Jan 2022Jan 2022Sep 28
Ghislaine Maxwell2,61368Dec 2021Jan 2022Sep 26
This-N-That…1,76866Dec 2021Jan 2022Sep 25
Primarily for the U.S. and territories…3877Nov 2021Nov 2021Sep 12
Autumn Resolution2460Oct 2021Oct 2021Sep 20
A little fun to start the day3135Sep 2021Sep 2021Sep 14
Favorite “Little House On The Prairie” episode1,28444Sep 2021Sep 2021Sep 23
Cards3873Aug 2021Aug 202124 hrs ago
Ideas for dealing with high maintenance friends1,52032Aug 2021Aug 2021Sep 28
Had no idea . . .1,15531Aug 2021Aug 2021Sep 25
Good health49812Jul 2021Jul 20216 hrs ago
Rents4782Jun 2021Jul 2021Sep 23
Something I’ve wondered about for years....5159Jun 2021Jun 2021Sep 12
Edward V and Richard, Duke of York4797Jun 2021Jun 2021Sep 28
Service Animals89419Jun 2021Jun 2021Sep 19
Memorial Day Pic-Nik Pot Luck5038May 2021May 2021Sep 20
Kinda fun- kinda informative thread...3752May 2021May 2021Sep 29
Some more idioms, similes, metaphors, OH MY!1,07320Apr 2021Apr 2021Sep 29
Religion——Ah, Sorrry...59610Apr 2021Apr 2021Sep 23
Boulder1,05919Mar 2021Mar 202115 hrs ago
JUST WONDERING5026Dec 2020Mar 2021Sep 28

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