RE: Name three things that you are grateful for today

Just where you know young man it was very difficult for me to name just 3 things. For I am an extremely grateful person and I am also what they call long winded in my area. laugh

RE: Name three things that you are grateful for today

1) I am grateful for my life. Tho not always happy or perfect I am so very grateful for it.
2) At this very moment I am grateful for CS and all the years I have been member I have learned so much. So very much and the majority of it has been good.
3) I am grateful that tho times have been difficult for me I still have the ability to see the rainbow.

RE: Things that spell instant death on the first date...

Bad hygiene. Talking about your ex and how much you want to seek revenge on her for cheating on you. Sticking your hands in my food. Flirting with other women, and I am adding asking me how much money I make. One guy asked me if I had a paycheck stub I could show him laugh I guess I am little picky so I will stop with these few things uh oh

RE: How old were you when you got your first pay check for working a full-time job?

Actually I can only speak for myself but back then they did not have picture ids and we here in Florida had to go and get a workers permit from the county school board. I got mine did a little erasing, no computers back then to make it easy for people to check and wala I went to work at Woolworths at 14. It was right before I was to turn 15 which would of been legal working age here. sigh Not going into it but life put in the position that I needed to work. Worked nights and afternoons and school in the day time. I did not work full time till the summer tho and I was 15 by then. wave

RE: Warning labels

Don't judge a book by its cover. wave

RE: Which CS member is the most addicted user predominantly found in the Forums?

Bloviate rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Oh God thanks for the laugh. Now who exactly do you have in mind hmmm uncertain

RE: Say Anything

Oh no sweet pea you didn't. laugh I didn't mean that response as you took it. I meant I knew what to do about the situation and I really needed to get off my duff and take care of it. I didn't need someone to tell me how. I wanted someone to tell me a softer easier way to take care of it and I know there was not going to be no softer easier way. blues

And seriously dude did you just bro me?????? uh oh laugh

RE: Messages to share

Mine would be get your priorities straight or you will keep searching for something you can't find. dunno

RE: Passing parents.

I lost both my parents a month apart in 2005. I kept my Mom in my home till about two hours before she passed. Cancer blues Hospice was wonderful for me. When she first came to my home she was still alert and herself. Within six months she was still alert and physically a shadow of herself. I am so glad she allowed me to do this. To have those last days with her. There is nothing one can say to make this ok for you. So I will give you a virtual hug hug

RE: Happy Birthday Lookin

Happy Birthday lookin grin wave

RE: Burt Reynolds dies

I loved his smokey and the bandit movies. And as a person I think he was awesome. He did a lot for his community. May he rest in peace blues

RE: Say Anything

Seems to be working quite well. conversing I decided really didn't need others opinions I needed to nip this future problem in the bud quickly. And that I did laugh So how goes it with you?

RE: How Do u Keep a Friend?

When you say "People come and go of our lives but some stays ... " I instantly think of my closest friends. I have three that I have been friends with for years. They live close by and we visit each others towns thru out the year. These last few years when they come to where I live I sit on the beach and watch them playing in the water as if they were still children and I try to savor ever moment for a fear the day when one of us will not be there. Not because they wanted to go but because that is the way of life. Sometimes life ends blues Why some care less and some care more I really don't know. I do know with us we each respect each other. Sure sometimes one of us gets grouchy and yes we all laugh and poke fun at that one. But most of all we are there for each other. And our bond is strong. Thru out the years they have become more like extra sisters. We all seemed to know without ever saying a word we were going to be friends for life. It is as if it was and is magic. rose

RE: Say Anything

If I haven't told you lately mods.....ya all are awesome wine You actually can read minds grin uh oh

RE: Say Anything

I came on here because I thought I had a problem and wanted to see how others dealt with it if they ever had to and then I read a few threads and realized I really don't have a problem that amounts to a pile of beans. laugh

RE: Fake laughter

After thinking about this for the appropriate allotted time of thirty seconds. I have come upon the conclusion one should wonder what kind of laughter is the lil emoji doing? Is it the funny laugh. Hahaha.....or is it demonic laughter of the insane? uh oh After all as you stated this takes place after you have been abusive or insutling to them. hole

laugh rolling on the floor laughing laugh rolling on the floor laughing giggle joy cartwheel gotta go

RE: Messages for the departed

I know I was surprised when I checked on line after not checking for a long time and she was gone. sigh I hope where ever she is at she is happy.

RE: Trolls& Trolling

I was thinking the same thing myself. I see the word troll thrown around a lot. But to me it takes more than someone not agreeing with me for me to think they are a troll. I know I haven't seen it on the scale as yesteryear. Don't know if technology has advanced enough to keep them picked out. I doubt it dunno I mean you get so many robo callers and they use throw away phone numbers so I believe if someone really wanted to troll like yester year they could have a good run before they would be picked off. uh oh

RE: Have you ever just sat and thought,, Damn I've been through a lot of s*...?

I do. Yet I don't feel I have been thru more than quite a few has been thru. Everything I have been thru has made the person I am today. And if I had it to do over again......I would. peace

RE: Messages for the departed

Each time I come back there seems to be more and more missing. Witchaywoman?

RE: Messages for the departed

I still come around once in a while. laugh Can't get rid of me that easy hug

RE: Messages for the departed

There has been many wonderful people here thru out the years. Scottyburd was one. I hope she is well. I wonder if she or any of them ever just look in once in a while. Well just in case wave Hey ya all!

RE: Messages for the departed

I miss Venusenvey hope she is doing good. She always said if she found the right one she would be outta here. So......I miss her but hope she is out there enjoying herself,

RE: Say Anything

You gotta love spell correct sigh laugh

RE: What are your goals for the future?

My goal in life is to live happy. It is that simple. And so far this year I have been doing a good job of it grin Every day is not a good day but every day I get out of bed is good.

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