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RE: Say Anything

Thank you so much for posting the link. And a shark teeth festival omg yes!!!! Hope they have it next year. wave

RE: Why do women always want to change.

hijack Excuse the highjacking please all.

Malabar? How interesting. I kayak up near there. I have never seen a poster in the forums so close to home. Malabar is a nice area wave Enjoy your time here. Not many locals drop in here.

RE: Why do women always want to change.

Yup you are missing a lot here uh oh wine actually has quite a few healthy benefits. Ok got that out of the way laugh wine

RE: Preferences

The journey for it is there that I will live and learn. wave

RE: In a lifetime

Living alone and being independent for at the very least two years. It gives you a chance to really look at yourself. I see so many people either going from relationship to relationship, or not being self supporting. Living with their children, parents etc.

RE: Say Anything

I am almost directly across the state from you wave I have lived in my area all my life also. Seen many changes and also think I would possibly die if I went up north in winter due to the cold laugh Your area is quite beautiful. I love Manasota Key. When there I try to stay as close to the beach as I can get. Driving into Englewood for dinner out at least once in my stay. I try to get south of stump pass (right in that quiet strip that is Manasota Key). Your side has the beautiful shells. love and I like to look for shark teeth and glass. My area they have pumped so much sand in the last 20 years that our shells are no longer the shells of my youth. blues I did see a live sand dollar two summers ago. Been a while since I seen one of those. wave

RE: Meaning

In my native language it means "Darling" in Hebrew it means "Beloved" wave

RE: What have you learnt about yourself ..

I have been a loner for decades so I was ok with that part. I learned in the beginning I could be a lot more giving than I ever thought. Not just of my money but also of my time. (Though nice I am quite standoffish and keep a wall up. Not stingy cautious of both time and money) Later on as time went by I learned somehow I had changed through out the decades. I no longer worked to live, I lived to work. I would like to change that. I did not see that before. What a horrible shock. I learned there are some real mean people in life and they had taken their mask off where they could wear the covid mask blues And that is a smidgeon of what I have learned. I have no problem looking at myself and seeing me for me. The good bad and the ugly wine wave And I did and do not like the changes I have seen in society.

RE: One Liners

Anything worth having in life is worth working for wine

RE: Classical Corner

RE: Happy birthday to me

RE: Easiest thing to cook is

Thank you. I think you are right about the instant coffee. Or break down and get me one of those k cup pots. But the tea I really like. Cold or hot. I think I do leave the bags in to long. Thank you!

RE: When was your last kiss?

I was trying to remember when my last kiss was. I can not remember either.

RE: Easiest thing to cook is

I would love to say coffee or tea blues but I make the worse coffee and tea crying
My husband made it for decades and I did most the other cooking. And when he passed I tried everything but mine is still nothing I would want to serve someone. So.......
it will be rib eye on the grill, baked potato and a salad. I actually like to cook, it is like an art.


RE: CS vs FB

I was reading the post on this thread and I don't think I am using facebook correctly laugh
The majority of people on my facebook are actual friends, people I went to school with or have worked with. People from town.. And relatives which I got a bunch of them laugh It has people on it I like to stay in touch with. Here I look in once in a while to see how some peeps are doing that otherwise would not know. wave The difference is how I use facebook (to stay in contact) And here is more like a learning lesson. A practice at comprehending what I read. I use to read and I swear when I would go back and reread it it would not be what I read the first time laugh I have improved through out the years giggle

RE: Older women and dress style

I have seen many older woman in mini skirts and clothes I would love to wear but do not flatter me. The trick to dressing is to be comfortable in what you are wearing. Otherwise don't go out that door. My dress is like my life very eclectic. I also am usually a modest dresser. But that is what I am comfortable in. Why don't you put the skirt on and go out for about an hour and see how you feel? I don't care what you are doing dressing should be fun. wave If my grand daughter gave me something to wear I would most likely wear it and even take her to lunch in it. What a blessing she loves you enough to share with you. gift What is a few moments out of my norm to see her smile.

RE: Islanders’ Paradise

laugh I actually feel like I live in paradise. But there is one place I have heard of.... that has inspired poems and songs....I would love to see

RE: Cellular Phones

laugh Hush you conversing At my age if I can find one thing to brag about let it be rollers

RE: Cellular Phones

I am definitely an android person. Gotta have office on it dunno and I love a good camera. I got the note samsung 20 a while back and love it. It is a bigger phone but saves me the trouble of having to tote a tablet or laptop with me. Says the woman who is typing on a laptop now laugh Luckily there are all types of phones out there to fit the individual needs. wave

RE: What does responsibility mean to you?

In my opinion if you need money to be free then you are not really free laugh you are held bondage by the money. Are any humans even free anymore in todays times? uh oh Some are even held bondage by worry. A wild horse is free. A wild gator is free. A wild cheetah is free. But a free human dunno what a baffling idea!

RE: Charity begins at home.

I am not angry that my country donates vast amounts of money to third world countries . I am angry that they don't extend the same courtesy to their own in need. And no they don't . At least not here. It actually does not take vast amounts of money to help out in third world countries. A little will go a long way in most areas like that. And that is a good thing because by the time their governments get done robbing distributing the donations that is all they have left. You know as silly as it sounds I don't like the word charity. Why do people look at being a good person, a good neighbor, a good citizen as an act of charity? blues I have been those things but not an act of charity, only acts of humanness. uh oh

RE: The Mask

wave I am doing great! Hope all is well your way.

RE: The Mask

It depends on the situation. I go out in the river by myself. No one around and no I do not. If I am hiking and it is somewhere where most people would not hike then I don't uh oh dang gators scare some people . The gators think the hiking trails out west of town are for sunning. If I go beach side to buy veggies or something I usually will wear a mask walking the strip because for some reason people have no problem getting close to you mumbling I wear them at indoor places and when I am walking out to my car I wear it in the parking lot. Till I get in my car. In plain words if people are going to be around yes I do. Mask are not mandatory where I live. Still you hardly ever see anyone out with out one. wave

RE: Stimulus Checks

I am like you I am ok. Sadly a lot of people can not say that. I live in an area that makes most their living from tourism. Hospitality industries etc, and they have really felt the pain here in Florida. Many places shutting their doors and many not opening those doors back up. Six hundred dollars usually is not enough to make a mortgage payment or rent. I work really hard for my money and always have so I have to dig deep to find compassion for others and I have found it this time. No one was prepared in the middle class or lower spectrum of the financial scale for this. I know it seems no matter what is done it is not helping. They have given the relief on mortgage and rent payments here for months. That will come to an end if this is not signed. This is a double edge sword. We will have homeless on a very large scale, quickly. The other side of the coin is these landlords a lot of them, this is their lively hood they cannot afford to let people live rent free they need the income to feed their families. Six hundred, a thousand, two thousand just a tiny band aide on a gaping wound. blues I don't have a better idea. And I think this is going to get worse before it gets better. I see the human right before my eyes being ripped out of humanity. crying

RE: Anyplace in America A-Z


Yeehaw Junction Florida wine

RE: Anyplace in America A-Z

I was born blonde blues I just now caught on. laugh

Pilot Mountain, NC

RE: Anyplace in America A-Z

Fellsmere Florida home of the famous Frog Leg Festival frog

RE: What is the big deal about Swear Words?

Well now that is a bunch of shit. When did they start letting us post cuss words. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: What is the big deal about Swear Words?

I think the word shit covers a lot of areas. We have good shit, bad shit. Awe shit. Bull shit, Full of shit. You get the drift. I guess they will now change my shit when I post it that way there will not be any shit laugh

RE: The sad news..

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