RE: Do you believe in Tipping ?

My usual tip is twenty percent. But I also take things into consideration. Really bad service and I am not talking about cooking I am talking about service that the waiter or waitress is responsible for I will knock it down to 15 or 18 percent. I have thought about starting a web page geared towards women who dine alone sigh some must be thinking tip because I have received some shabby service at times blues at least the bad is far and few. Now since I do dine alone if I go in a restaurant and I see they are really busy and I know me sitting in that table is kind of like renting it. They could be making a much better tip if two were sitting there. I take that into consideration and give a little more than the twenty percent. If the service is good. I have a co worker who is like me and eats out and don't mind going alone. We went to an upscale place the other evening and the girl went out of her way to make our visit a happy one. And most do at that particular place because it is one we frequent. So I must be tipping appropriately. I work hard for my money so I don't just throw it away. But I am also respectful of other people till they give me a reason not to be. Just how I am and it seems to work well for me.

RE: Under eminent domain, when CS is absorbed by the United States Marine Corp:

I know it isn't there but can I be on special forces grin detective

RE: Say Anything

There you are say anything thread! I looked for you yesterday grin


That is sad to hear. I remember him well. It goes to show you never really know what load in life someone is carrying. May he rest in peace blues

Say Anything Thread

I was looking for a say anything thread on the interns Serene but cannot find one. help sigh

RE: What's you're best talent...?

I don't know if it is a talent but I am really good at having what is called a poker face. And to make it worse in real life I am quite the prankster so the poker face comes in handy. laugh

RE: What did the last email you sent say?

Had to go back and look it has been a while since I sent anything. The last one was

Okey dokey would send you a emoji but to be quite honest the fricken mail will not allow me too. lmao So :-) Just a practical joker passing through your life. Shhh. I have no humor or humour depends on you . Carry on :P

grin no explanation peeps but that was it beer

RE: Who is your favorite song or songs?

well i guess that answered my question. laugh

RE: Who is your favorite song or songs?

Wonder if you still post videos the same. This place keeps changing uh oh One of my favorite songs

RE: Current Thoughts (Cont)~~


That is good you have it controlled. hug

RE: Current Thoughts (Cont)~~

Oh lordy I see what you are saying. Maybe some earplugs while you bathe. Noise and commotion does not help anxiety. I use to get it. Then one day it just disappeared. Almost my whole life I had bouts of it. Hated it. Don't know why it left but it did about ten years ago. Guess when I lived through what I thought was the worse thing that could happen to me it just disappeared. dunno That was losing my mum dad and husband. blues

RE: What is your Networth? Do you know how to calculate it?

What ever it is I wouldn't be advertising it on the internet. professor It is nice tho you put a chart up with some of the things to calculate in for those who don't think of those things. peace

RE: Profanity – do you swear a lot in real life?

To be honest I do cuss a lot. I could live without cuss words easily. Did for years. I do not cuss out of passion or anger just in every day talk. I am the product of my environment so to speak. I am around cussing so I have picked it up. A long with some other questionable habits. uh oh By the way I don't use cuss words when I want to impress. I actually speak perfect proper English. It's like a unicorn around here (not cs but where I am at) seems to baffle people. laugh

RE: Current Thoughts (Cont)~~

Have you ever tried one of those relaxing cds If anyone listens to cds anymore. I do uh oh You know the kind that has like sounds of waves, or birds. There is a good one I heard one time called I think sounds of the everglades. You get the general idea. Something peaceful to you.

RE: Is there an American/English translator..

Awe just seen this. Thank you! Good to be back cheers

Translation for those who need it uh oh Thank you! Good to be back cheers


RE: Role play!

rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing rolling on the floor laughing Ya all to funny laugh

RE: Role play!

hmmm Maybe I should rescue you then. I will be the life guard. Smoking means you might be short on breath professor and I know CPR

RE: Is there an American/English translator..

You are good for a girls ego laugh Always gators around here lips

RE: Is there an American/English translator..

Oh lordy I am gonna need to teach you southern Floridian I see. laugh

RE: usa illegal voting n dead voters by libs

Sadly I am one of those not real bright ones and believe in working for every penny I got. It gets old believe me when I see someone living off the system and living better than me crying Besides these are my loved ones and in a way I am their legacy. And I want them to be proud of me. So I try to be as good as person as I can be grin bouquet

RE: Role play!

My mind just went in the toilet with the word duster. Instantly thought of the maids costume. laugh

RE: Role play!

Omg now that made me laugh. rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Role play!

laugh I have a beach we will just have to pretend it is a pool laugh wave

RE: Is there an American/English translator..

You will need several of these translators. Our language seems to change with the regions wine

RE: Is there an American/English translator..

laugh You need to step back from the television and quit watching the Beverly Hillbillies now laugh

RE: Role play!

Well this is depressing moping what sex life crying Been way to long can hardly remember. And if I met someone to play with me I would not be with a prude very happy lips

RE: usa illegal voting n dead voters by libs

I agree with you. And yes we have a voting list. You register to vote here. For some reason in the high tech world of ours they don't seem to quite know how to remove someone who is deceased from the list uncertain I took care of my elderly Step Dad, Mom, and biological father when they were at the end of their lifes. And my husband. We have a thing that is called Social Security here that most of us pay into it all our lifes. So you can believe the government has their stinking little paws all in it. So when my loved ones passed they sure knew how to stop those checks from coming roll eyes Yet my Mum who passed in 2005 received a notice in the mail from our voters registration in 2015 preparing her for the upcoming election of 2016. Said she could vote through our postal mail if needed. Well that is a dog on good thing for I don't think she is capable of going in person mumbling My husband who passed in 2009 was a vetran. And is always receiving mail from the government and also from other places. Couple of months ago they said he had excellent credit and was qualified for a loan wow Took all I had not to feel out the paperwork and send it back sigh I live in Florida a predominately republican state I also live in a county here (Indian River County) that also is predominately republican. This is a problem. It don't matter what side of the coin you are on. It needs to be fixed. talk to hand Also when my grand daughter turned of age. She could not go to college unless we had cashed. A illegal had used her social security card in South Carolina. She has a very feminine name. And it was a man who was much older than her. Now here is your laugh. They would not even tell us who he was to protect his identity. In the mean time it took two years to straighten that childs social security and work history out because him. So a whole lot of our systems are crap and need fixing. Just sayin wine

RE: What’s Your Marital Status on CS?

Widowed! I have actually wondered if I should change it to single. dunno After all these years I still feel widowed. Yet I also feel single. Geez I think I am having an identity crisis laugh

RE: Terminal Illness

I believe once you lose your quality of life and are unable to care for yourself and become a burden on your family or society or both as long as you are of sound mind you should be able to make a decisions of that nature on your own without government interference. I don't consider it much different than a loved one pulling the plug on someone who is declared brain dead uh oh I have seen to many people stripped of their pride at the end of their lives. It is really sad blues

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