RE: Why are men on here such time wasters

Sweetheart, of course he's out there, "you just haven't met him yet", to quote the words of some song or other. Actually precious the way this site seems to work, your quite lucky to even swop phone numbers. Good luck in your quest.sigh

RE: what are the irish known for?

Stupidity and Sheep


I'm to lazy to look it up but what is a MILF? the term seems to crop up quite a bit.

RE: Born to....?

I was born, I believe to be ME though sadly haven't quite attained Godhood yet but working on it.

RE: Help please help...URGENT

The best advice I can give is save the pillow for dreaming and not .................

RE: US troops urinate on the dead bodies of taliban soldiers

That little pee shows an utter contempt for both life and death. The torture inflicted by Americans on prisoners is hardly documented and where it has been proven beyond doubt, punishment has been metted while at the same time, Governments continue to hold 'SUSPECTED'men in unjustifiable captivity and open to torturous abuses.
Now if we continue to illigal invasion of a foreign land and murder, look no further than Washington.

RE: US troops urinate on the dead bodies of taliban soldiers

Just one group/section of a whole tribe of sickos who condone torture,murder,rape,conflict,suffering and in this case under the banner 'In God We Trust', evil in it's purest form and that goes for all anti-people movements.Be they commercial,military or supposedly in the name of Justice!

RE: If you had the power to change the world what would you do?

Personally speaking;
I would get rid of all Borders for a start. Secondly, create the environment to aid a ONE world ONE people evolve.

RE: Something POSITIVE about the opposite sex...

I love women because
'They are women' and they are different than I: Because they have a baseness I couldn't even dream about.

RE: Tánaiste concedes Ireland may face referendum

Which part of it is undead. As it stands Maastrict, Lisbon dictated all the Countries in the EU would be treated equally. If one disagrees all disagree. Thus we have three months of legal wigs trying to find clauses to redeem it.There are NONE

RE: Tánaiste concedes Ireland may face referendum

Poor fella is just a bit reluctant to say 'the EU entity is dead'.

RE: God or no God

I really don't know but I do believe the Book of Genises teaches us about creation and the evolution of life on the planet ie. 7 days, probably 7 billion years. Man was last on the scale. There are three specific human tribes, Negro,Causican and Asiatic and it's to taxing on my brain to think about it at the moment: But what is really, really important is that You, Ye and I, are the centre of this universe, and nothing changes that!

RE: God or no God

Ment to add this to the abovesigh

RE: God or no God

Maybe because the word Adam in Ancient Hebrew is Hadam meaning man and the Bible story is about the creation of the Hebrew tribe in the midst of other Peoples: Maybe

RE: God or no God

I kinda disagree with the right and wrong elements of this arguement also the perfection bit: As right and wrong is inclined to change and we are still in the evolutionary process.
I do believe in a God as the name/word implies 'Supreme Being'[literal meaning] and that by reason of logic,spirit,reality must be true. Now wether God is Human like or virus type I really can't say but must exist.

RE: An open letter to Irish politicians

Truer words have nair been spoken and there was I thinking you were just a pretty face Fifitheminxthumbs up

RE: chance encounters

Often LOL

RE: If/when you are in a relationship & your partner wants to use sex toys during sex, are you ok with i

And there was I thinking I was the sex toy! Gosh ye have really opened my mind!blushing

RE: Naked Woman IN a Horse

Pity she didn't stay in long enough for rigor mortis to set in. Would have been world wide news on the dramatic rescue.
Sicker than sick,stranger than strange and weirder than weird; but then, didn't I read somewhere women wear dead animal skins and humans eat raw meat.I forget what I read on the cannibalistic tribes of the Amazon.
Anyway I think she and her boyfriend need to mentally assessed. I'm actually speechless.

RE: 3.6 Billion

It's what we have come to expectvery mad Bad enough one team making the mistake but TWO.

RE: How do you feel about flirting?

Have to ask "what is flirting", I've always concidered the term just a way of life: Passing the feel good factor never hurt anyone.heart wings

RE: Congratulations Michael D

I am so sad crying that Dana didn't get elected, she would have been an excellent president. All the comments about Michael D are true and fair but to his discredit; for over 30 years he was/is part of the political system/regime that has failed miserably to live up to the standards of the Constitution.

RE: "I see drunk people"....(or worse still, they see me!)...

Smile,tap them on the shoulder or place your hand on their shoulder and tell them you think they have had too much to drink! Will take a minute or two for the message to sink in but it words.

RE: lost and lonely

Hate to say it but you are probably suffering from SAS. Half the population is suffering at the moment. You may need a week in the sun.teddybear

RE: presidential poll

My No1 is Dana for the simple reason; she is the only one who is NOT a nerd of the system.
The others have and are still showing us just how un-individual they are when they all turn out for their group shoots which begs the question " Who is running the whole show: Or, have they all got the same publicist"?
I do agree the role should be abolished along with about half out TDs.doh

RE: Is David Norris Finished This Time.

Of course none of the media hit on Danas statement: Because it was the only one with a sense of reason. The barrister in the audience admitted the law was and would be unconstitutional and totally unworkable. The crime, will be when Alan Shatter tries to bring it into law.
As for Mr Norris. He is the victim of his own public persona and the more evasive he becomes the more he is losing the respect of the electorate. It has little or nothing to do with his tendencies also the more I see of him the more I think he on psycotic drugs.
As for the other candidates well my views on them are fore another day
Dana number 1

RE: Is David Norris Finished This Time.

She is the only one who will be standing by the time they have finished each other off. She has my vote anyway.

RE: Getting Old

Well Gods Gift when you are getting really REALLY 'OLD', you can't remember what you had for breakfast this morning. LOL

RE: The folly of Narrow Nationalism

Where are we now Envy! How far has this State progressed from her independance! None as far as I can see!

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