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RE: No joke! Found her.

kool man,

was looking for a date and actually alot more yup just like you said the ring thing but was not into that drop the line type noise,

started stress n out fultime, the single life had got to me and was not into lizards who squirm around bars etc, so yes I was not liz n either,

one new years a new friend invited me to breakfast new years day, I walked in said hey and behind me someone said how you doing, that was it all the ruff riding Drilling Rigger Barroom fighting blew out of me, I knew it was her the one I was going to marry, pulled it together fast and blew the thought out or I would look like Mr. Creep for sure,

first date it slipped out in a convo I said when we get married, had to sit down and revamp my brain it was way outta my thought library, she laughed and said first date and a proposal i looked at her and said i do not know where that come from, story long short she told her mother and her mom welcomed me with open arms,

We are married today, the other thing is I always wanted a model type or just as hot, when i seen her I seen just a woman, a week later I realized she was realllll pretty.....

glad I seen the woman before the beauty

been years since I was on here and did s American woman date, 6 years later, think staying close to home is best for me....

besta luck to ya and everyone here


it is very difficult for some men to keep there eyes of other women, I use to have that problem, but I have not touched another woman and only kept my eyes on one, I broke up with one and went out with another, sex could of happened but I chose to end that as it was with in weeks..

The only one who can decide is you on what you want to do, myself I can't and think it is disgusting to have my blood chemistry changed with out knowing in advance it happened, nevermind knowing what some of those people were all aboutbarf

RE: Young Moms....But When Is Young Too Young?

just thinking of a friend I had when I was younger, I turned 19 and she was 15, quite the doll she was and still is, all I could see is do not touch she is still young, and it never bothered me at all I really liked her, when she got older we were attached and I could never bring myself to touch her, she got married and phoned me and asked if it was still aright to call,

I guess I never forgot how young she was when I first met her,

I you have not reached 21 your body has not finished growing in the vital parts of the early years,

I have seen women who have had kids since 14 and 5 kids later looked so worked...

RE: did you see an UFO?

one night while looking into the sky I seen way up there something moving, I wondered and hoped it was a Satellite? but I think all it was was a plane in international flight path

RE: How can you deal with a Stingy guy on a date ?

Maybe I should of Took the job in Osaka so I coulda took you on a real date

RE: jac....birthday girl.


RE: I could use your advice

Usually If I purchase something i purchase mid value, so it is not the best but not the worst, you allways buy with the idea is has value and is not a piece of crap, if I have to pay more for good item I will, for instance tires, they have to do the job, mind you we have laws in Canada that we can't sell shit on our shelves

RE: Is your city occupied???? USA2

My dads sister occupied his house when we were kids.......

RE: First love

see I don't talk about stuff like that, years ago

Help Junk the Mobile home

C'mon over and show me how it's done

For Five Cents

was on another chat forum, and some disco dancer at 60 years old at that starts flooding the chat with I am a scammer, what would you do with a sad sack like thatinnocent


do yourself a favor and get out more think you got melt down from the comp with a comment like that,

Besides I been Solo since 13

Help Junk the Mobile home

not so sure about you but a 1000 dollars for at least 3 weeks work aint for me

Help Junk the Mobile home

"The Unforgettable fire"

Help Junk the Mobile home

Not so sure about that Elton John's music was played in there many a time I am sure, now if that don't send em running they must be all fags

Help Junk the Mobile home

Not so sure about that Elton John's music was played in there many a time I am sure, now if that don't send em running they must be all fags

Help Junk the Mobile home

thing is baked, I mean baked it is a 74

Help Junk the Mobile home

wonder if some alien can zap it with a Gamma Ray


is 45 years old too old to go back for something different in Education?

Help Junk the Mobile home

I have an unwanted mobile home on a property I got to get Rid of anyone have any ideas how to remove this Junker

RE: Do women like guys that can cook???

looks like I should get picked up real fast, I can dust up some real good feasts

flying cheap

Well put Lady, I must say I recheck everything and talk directly to the hotel, You could also say there is a discount on so and so site but I want to book direct with you so I know it is directly received....

flying cheap

Oh I se you got your Helmut on HuggieBearprofessor


shit that is serious usually in the UK they say Piss Off, so f*ck so musta pissed someone off

What is the worst....

good idea use coat as a cape

flying cheap

seen a show on cheap airlines and let me tell ya the plane that dumped her down in NY at night few years back and burned up was one of them cheapee's so folks when you buy the rock bottom flight that is just what you might end up with hitting the rocks

What is the worst....

any new gross out stories?

RE: would you go to nude resort where you required to have sex with random mate .

been in a nude resort, never had sex with anyone and I never would that is the first place you would get something you could not wipe off

RE: Who do you miss from the forums?


RE: Who do you miss from the forums?

would not ,ind seeingwow Aries again, now that was one nice looking Lady, but I got an Irish woman anyhoo

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