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RE: Am I ok? do live the high life roll eyes

RE: if you could ??????

I hope my birdy body has a bad bout of diarrhea that day!! mumbling

RE: Say Anything

Hurts like hell when you get people all wrong.
Give them the benefit of the doubt.
Trust they are trustworthy.
Believe in them.

To be shown differently.

RE: Am I ok?

I hear its your birthday around about now!!
Belated Happy Birthday, hope you had a great day.

RE: What's on your mind ?

Theres no place quite like Ireland when the weather was as good as we just had it.


Why do Men say they want relationships when all they want is sex????


Its not a bad point to want sex with the person you are with, in a relationship with...its a healthy plus and good point.
As you say its how Men go about it.
Or Women in realtionships for that matter its not all the mens fault.

For me honesty is key....communication is key.

Good point of conforming to socities ideals isnt a good point for me.
Two individuals who know what they want who find that in each other is what is perfection in a relationship for me.

That doesnt mean the house ..picket fence...two kids and a dog.
Its what each individual deems happiness for them in life and finding someone who not only thinks the same but wants all that with you is what i think most people want.

Im cautious about saying "all"...for fear of an attack laugh

Thanks for your comment.

RE: Am I ok?

Aint they great though...where would we be without them grin

RE: Am I ok?

Nah, giving friendly advice is all.

RE: Am I ok?

I never do mind you Kremp ...its ok dear comfort

RE: Happiness is.............

Happiness is not caring about the wrong people and being around the right people.

Chocolate and wine also helps grin

RE: Current Thoughts (Cont)~~

Can i rewind the weekend crying

RE: Am I ok?

Cwissy isnt a newcomer.

RE: Am I ok?

Have u taken what i answered Cwissy personally kremp?

RE: Am I ok?

Nothing wrong....your just at a place where many people fail to reach and thats happiness with themselves.

Enjoy it and feel no guilt or judgement....there are plenty here who will do that for you and to you!! thumbs up

RE: Im so fed up of being single

Take your mind off the search.
Fill your life up with travel, friends, hobbies..bettering yourself..doing all you want to do...usually the best time to meet someone in life is when u dont need or look for them at all.

Wish you luck.

RE: if you could ??????

A Bird.
Freedom to fly and a birds eye view of how we live.

RE: Say Anything

What you see in others, is usually what resides in yourself.

RE: Reincarnation

Hey Lindsy.

RE: Say Anything

Show off mumbling

RE: Am ready to quit being single...!

Just a keen eye for who might fancy who!!!.


RE: Am ready to quit being single...!

Ive a feeling he has his eye on you on here already wink

RE: Am ready to quit being single...!

Enjoy singledom and enjoy the day a lucky guy gets ya Anna hug

RE: a Breath of fresh air

Im ready for some big changes in all aspects.
Theres certainly a need for it

Why do Men say they want relationships when all they want is sex????

Goes the same with men...why do they like the b*tch over the good girl.

I think the bad boy thing is a phase for most women....after youve suffered enough a**hole you certainly appreciate the good ones.

RE: Is sex better at night

I wasnt speaking for myself Pete wink


RE: Reincarnation

I do believe theres something to it.
Some of my neices when they were little definately seemed like "they had been around before"....its a phrased often used around them.

Ive often felt that deja vu sense was eerie when it first began but used to it now.

Also feel like an old soul at times too....uh oh

RE: If you won the lottery what would you spend the money on?

Right now id spend whatever it would cost to get one decent nights sleep. sigh

RE: Is sex better at night

If its been a while, then anytime is a good time. grin

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