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RE: What ya got on the go.....SAY ANYTHING

We are sometimes just too weak, I guess... We simply want to believe that something is real, even if we feel it might not be...


I think I should really take the break from CS for some time...

At first it helped, but now - so many things went on here (online and on PM), that I think that I need some time to get myself together...


Some of you are really nice and kind souls. hug

RE: What ya got on the go.....SAY ANYTHING

There's nothing, nothing worse than when someone makes you feel special. And you are suspicious at first, cautious, you want to give it time, but everything seems so magical, so different... And then - you give in. You think - this IS special. And you give yourself completely. Just to find out - you were only a new fresh toy for a while. And you wonder - what have I done?! And try to repair everything, to make it better, to change - but nothing works. Because - you are simply not a new toy any more. If this happens one more time - I will die. blues

RE: What ya got on the go.....SAY ANYTHING

One mustn't get used to the members here... moping

You read what they write for days and weeks and months and get used to them and then - one day you come to CS and - they are gone! blues

It's so sad - in a way... moping

RE: What ya got on the go.....SAY ANYTHING

It's the full moon and I can't sleep. crying crying crying

RE: vetting of your tube music videos???

Sometimes the site doesn't 'read' the whole youtube address, so once you insert it, click on the 'preview' and if you cannot see the video, then enter the address manually - delete the old one and paste it again. Click on the preview again and it should work now. smile It happened to me many times.

RE: Password Trust

He didn't actually. But, he made a lot of empty promises...

So, this 'passwords giving' means nothing to me... smile

RE: the best thred for decades.........

I've never eaten rice pudding... blues moping

RE: Password Trust

I like to keep them to myself. I would never expect to be given passwords, etc., either. People should have some privacy and not feel 'monitored' by others (me included). smile

I had one boyfriend who gave me his passwords for everything - Facebook, e-mail, etc. He wasn't a trustworthy type - on the contrary. I'm still not sure whether it was an act - if he did this to make me believe he was trustworthy or simply he was in love and wanted to share everything. confused Anyway, he really wasn't the type to be trusted, so it meant nothing in the end.

RE: What ya got on the go.....SAY ANYTHING

Yes, I know that.

Thank you. smile

RE: Astrology

Thank you. hug

No, but I know a very little about poetry... blushing

RE: What ya got on the go.....SAY ANYTHING

Does anyone know...
Is it according to the rules to make a new profile, but use the same photos you used on the old one or you have to make and use new photos?

RE: Astrology

I will check it out. Thank you. smile

I used to consult I Ching before a lot and always got correct answers. However, this time, I consulted it (3 times already! laugh ) about someone who was very important to me, but we couldn't be together and each time I basically got good readings, quite positive and optimistic. Yet, in reality, nothing happens. laugh We are more distant than ever and at the moment - I doubt that we would ever be in contact again, yet alone being able to 'grow together'. Something is obviously wrong. laugh Maybe I Ching stopped working? confused

I have a translation made by one Serbian writer called David Albahari and - also - some interpretation I found in a PDF format, but don't really know who wrote it - yet it has very nice (modern) interpretations of hexagrams. smile

The person I was talking about has similar natal chart, only everything is on the right... Very unusual...

RE: What ya got on the go.....SAY ANYTHING

I wonder...

How many real people are here?

Some are obviously CS staff - people with 10+ years old photos and profiles without profile photos, who are just here to keep the discussions and blogs going and when someone suspects something, there's always another one who claims that they know them in person (although they often live in different countries) or that they talk often of the phone. Still, they hide everything about themselves, just tell the stories, but that's all. And they spend way too much time here - probably because this is their workplace, actually.

Some are real people, but they obviously have 3-4 profiles, male and female, talk to themselves, flatter themselves, flirt with themselves here and there, and make fools of other people who get caught in their fun net. Who knows who they really are and - they are definitely here just for entertainment.

Some people are real and keep one profile, but they live in some imaginary worlds, imagine stories about themselves, in order to fulfill too much free time and just - be around other people.

Some people are single, but many are married or in a relationship, still pretending that they are single and deluding others.

And then - there are real ones - genuine people with just one profile, a real profile photo and real stories and - really single.

But how many of them are there? 10%?

(This is not about scammers - they usually don't speak English so well to be able to join discussions and write blogs).

At first it was fun chatting with people here, but then - I started to wonder... Is it worth coming back? Is it safe talking about anything private - telling personal stories, putting personal photos?

I wonder...

RE: What ya got on the go.....SAY ANYTHING

I came here to heal... because I was so hurt and disappointed... I couldn't even think about meeting anyone.

I'm not sure if I'm completely healed... I might need more time...

And then - again - maybe I am - just the echo of the past still lingers... Some weak sadness...

At least, I realized that Japanese men aren't that bad at all. And Asian men in general. They have some good sides Western men have almost completely lost.

It was fun... After spending so much time talking almost exclusively to Japanese (but some other Asians as well), being here, being able to indulge in the 'mental orgy' that is going on here 24h a day - it was really liberating. Aggressive, often rude, full of vanity and pride, at times merciless - but it was fun. Being able to express your emotions freely without taking care what others might think, to release your mind, to indulge in discussions about this and that, to have your own opinion, your own taste, to be direct in expressing yourself... I missed that so much! And I enjoyed it tremendously!

But I also got tired...

And I started to long for the Asian communication style, for politeness and respect, for taking care of others people's feelings, moderate self-expression, modesty...

I overindulged here too much. Like a child in a cake shop. laugh

I think it's time to get myself back to balance. smile

See you in another reincarnation. wave

RE: Astrology

Maybe, but it gives interesting insights and there are many comments of the people in those relationships one could relate to. smile

By the way, one of my friends is Libra Sun, Libra Ascendant, also an introverted person. She is beautiful and easy to get along with, but somehow... unnoticeable. She's calm and composed, but nothing else. There's no depth, no real 'presence'. It's hard to explain...

What does it mean when someone's natal chart is unbalanced? I've recently met a person with such a strange natal chart - just one triangle on the right side of the chart.

RE: Astrology

It's complicated. laugh

You think? flirty Happy!!! applause

I didn't explore further, but I think that the writer of that text is an astrologist with an attitude that any star combination can work. I think that he has other interesting articles about other star combinations, so you might want to search if interested. smile

If they can handle a very big EGO and being presented everywhere as a trophy. laugh I've never dated a Leo, but had many Leo friends and always felt like some sort of a trophy. laugh They would present me everywhere with a pride: 'This is my friend. Look at her, isn't she great? She knows this and that and did this and that...' and I would just stand there, smiled and felt ridiculous. laugh I know they never meant anything wrong with that, but it was funny anyway. laugh

Which translation/interpretation of I Ching do you use? smile

I found some interesting I Ching pages:

(this one is especially interesting, since it deals with love and romance)

RE: What ya got on the go.....SAY ANYTHING

Last night I had a dream about CS and its members. blues

I definitely spend too much time here. blues

I also started re-developing some bad habits again, like - thinking too much. blues

RE: What are your relationship goals?

I also like coffee in the morning in silence. I cannot concentrate enough to talk until I drink the first morning coffee. laugh I can understand you completely. comfort

RE: What ya got on the go.....SAY ANYTHING

~ By force of nature, things that really belong to you inside, will always return to you... ~

... if they belong ...

blues moping

RE: What are your relationship goals?

To want and love ME, not some idealized and/or improved version of me he would prefer. smile

RE: Hypothetical situation

That is so true. smile

I haven't read Arthur C. Clark for many many years. I used to read so much science fiction when I was younger, then switched to films and series and since I watched everything worth watching (and a lot not worth watching laugh ) I might go back to the novels. smile

Thanks for the recommendation. smile

RE: Astrology

Me neither. smile

Astrology is - for me - just for fun and a little psychology - maybe. smile

I think that I have to write this publicly as well, since I've already got too many messages from people who thought that I am really into astrology and know a lot about it. laugh

That is far from the truth. I have very little knowledge and don't rely on it at all when meeting new people. And I value my own personal experience much more than what the books say. smile If I encounter certain problems with one horoscope sign, for example, and they repeat many times with many different people - I simply notice that and pay a little more attention in the future. That's about it. smile

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