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The restaurant at the end of the universe...............

Hello Folks..

I guess thats where i'll see 'So long and thanks for all the fish'...

In my defence I was Phoenix a long legged guitar picker from Belast..A real Belfast Rock-a-Billy....

My profile isn't hidden but deleted...I've had lots of very funny times here and learnt loads more. But my time has come to an end.

I was only here on CS for one person..'Brain Space'...What happened ..I'm at a loss..totaly snookered..

So folks 42


ps fellas concerning brain space be honest with her ..I know I was

Have some plonk->wine


How come you used more words and a bigger part of the sentence mentioning his looks and his acting abilities rather than his guitar playing....


False...His nails are too short...And because of that he would have to wear picks...Which he doesn't..Lots of other things but trust me..

Sorry to spoil the illusion but Tony dosen't play that piece...


She signs on every other day...she stopped posting after she put up a thread about people with stupid profiles or something along those lines..

Her profile is live and she logs on..She has just stopped posting..

Miro your butt is now being turn into a pin cushion...

RE: just for smoky

Smoky....this guy is perfect for you.If I was a woman I would marry him myself..But I like fit nubile female volley ball players too much...Trust Uli and follow the link.


Miro,if you don't start posting I will ask everyone to PM, flower and e-card you into submission..And I have no problem in downloading your photo and and fix it to my effigy and doing voodoo..Which means I will turn your butt into a pin cushion...

So,if you can't sit down all next week without going "ouch"..You only have yourself to blame....

RE: are you proud you are british

RE: are you proud you are british

Sounds good to me!

popcorn popcorn

RE: just for smoky

Jaa, but can you patiently stalk a walrus for 5 hours, or slither over the ice silently to catch a penquin? or sit next to an ice-hole and claw a fish?... or learn the Bachata dance in half an hour - like my Polar Bear just did? Whats a Bachata dance when it's at home?

The short answer is no...but i know a man who can..

Whats a Bachata dance when it's at home?

And ........ can you scare an entire village of Enuits out of their igloos and then bring home all their home-brewWhats a Bachata dance when it's at home?

Yes if I wear nothing under my kilt....

RE: are you proud you are british

Like lesbi-friends girly films

RE: are you proud you are british

Then who is keeping me out of trouble?????

RE: are you proud you are british

I'll not be doing the tourist circut...more than likely checking out some old haunts and some muckers...

RE: New hobbies for 2009

Between us it (your butt) is very nice...


RE: New hobbies for 2009

princess when your big enough you'll be to old..

RE: New hobbies for 2009

Do you care to repeat that....

RE: New hobbies for 2009

Ok i'll say it Jo has a fat arse.....

you'll forgive me in the morning i hope


RE: are you proud you are british

Bugger off you too...

Now what about our piss up..And your absence was noticed..Serious Piss up in March isn't a big problem..London is good

RE: New hobbies for 2009

Blame my parents....It's not my fault

RE: New hobbies for 2009

You have a point there...

RE: are you proud you are british

Well get your finger out of your butt and throw up a thread and arrange it...I need a good piss up

RE: New hobbies for 2009

Your only going to look at the talent...Nothing to do with keeping fit

RE: are you proud you are british

Forget all that crap..(with respect)..wots the craic with you and the piss up in march...


Miro i don't have a problem in taking this thread to 51 pages...but you will feel guilty long before then and start posting....

So get your butt back on to the forums..

Have some more plonk-->wine

RE: just for smoky

I haven't shaved in three weeks....I've got a bit of fur around my gills...All you have to do is close your eyes and imagine..


Me too!

She is the Lady from that country

where women know how to use accessories

so much so

it blew my mind!

Uli tell me more about these accessories that blow your mind...

RE: what makes your hair stand on end or gives you goosepimples

With respect and in memory of your brother...

1..The tuck driver...

2..Willie Nelson

3..Mahalia Jackson

4..Aretha Franklin

RE: what makes your hair stand on end or gives you goosepimples

I'm sweet as a nut..on sarko's finest tonight..

Have some-->wine

RE: The Smoking and Honesty Thread...

I will be honest..I smoke


Miro i've just clicked on to your profile and you were online today..but you stopped posting..Lagoona is missing you.

I know this because he pm's everyone with a sad lonely heart sob story about how much he misses you..

So do us all a favour and start posting again...

wine <---Have some of Sarkos finest plonk

RE: printer / ink cartridge problems

Nothing to do with the thread except..Where did you go? My excuse is simple when ever I disappear..too much plonk. Whats yours..(can't use my excuse)

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