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Thanks all! hug I'm pretty excited! I also have a class lined up this summer to teach grin


I just wanted to brag to my friends here and say that I got my Zumba Certificate on Saturday grin I've been taking so many dance classes for so long, it'll be nice to be able to teach at least one kind. If you don't know what Zumba is, it's an aerobic-type workout focusing on Latin moves and it's amazingly fun. It's actually what got me into working out and enjoying it - I used to weigh almost 300lbs lol. thumbs up

I'm just excited! Have a good day all!


RE: What's wrong with this would you improve what happened

Yeah, I thought that they'd be in prison if they kept driving with a suspended license, much less fleeing from the scene. Idiots like that deserve to drop the soap a few times in the prison shower, maybe that'll learn them. :: Grumble grumble:: very mad

RE: How Often Do You Fart During SEX?

I've never done it, but I've been with a couple of women who have. It wasn't too big of a deal - now if it had smelled enough to knock out a walrus or powerful enough to send me flying into the wall, then there may have been a problem, but usually it's just something that slipped out and didn't really affect any of my senses unpleasantly (Meaning they didn't smell, lol) so we just laughed and kept going at it. dunno laugh

RE: Was I rude and how can I prevent this from happening again

I'm just gonna have to go with what most people have said to you already. You did the right thing. You warned him that it might get delayed/canceled, and he is so unconfident in himself he took it personally. If you had not warned him or canceled at the last minute - 2 hours before is pushing it, but then again you'd told him about your brothers call so in this situation that would've been fine, I always ask my dates to try to give me a 24 hours notice so then I can at least make other plans - then I'd say you didn't handle it well.

So just consider yourself lucky that he showed that part of himself early on. comfort

RE: No Honey I don't feel like it he said............

I've seen this one many times over the years, but it always makes me at least smile. grin

RE: A future for you youngsters...


RE: What's a womens preference

Well... size can matter a bit. I've known at least three women who've been incredibly attracted to different men, only for him to pull it out and be the size of a baby carrot. Now I wouldn't think this to be a loss for them, especially if he knows how to do other things, but when a guy whips it out and goes "Yeah baby, you like that?" even if he is a good size, it's usually not gonna get a good reaction. However, these tiny guys twerk it out and try to be all bad-a** by saying "Yeah, you like that don't you?"... well my friends couldn't stop laughing at them and sex wound up not happening for either side,roll eyes. I remember in one case because the woman couldn't stop laughing the guy kicked her out of his apartment, and she laughed the whole way back to hers (In her defense, he was one of the ones who acted like it was a freakin' lightsaber or something)

Part of me feels bad for those guys, somehow they came to the conclusion that acting overconfident will compensate... but all it does is make them look funny, if not pathetic.

Even if you are a 'pringle can' down below, there's so many other things to do for your partner for pleasure purposes, and a lot of men forget that. I'm not going into exact measurements (mostly 'cuz I don't know them, lol) but I'm pretty well off, but I focus on other things besides pounding away like a jackhammer. laugh I actually know a few women who say the best they've ever had were with men who had small parts, but that's because they were well aware of other body parts besides "mountains" and a "valley".
thumbs up

RE: Ladies, should I just give up?

I completely agree. Sometimes it's easier to meet women if you're a studmuffin - hell, I used to be quite jealous of my brother who'd have women checking him out everywhere we went - but I've discovered over the years that as long as I can get a good conversation good I can usually have a date that Friday. However, it takes a good personality to keep her around.

Online is a bit different, okay it's a lot different. The rules change, mostly because it's like 1 to 10 ratio of men to women on dating sites so you've got to remember that whoever you messaged has probably got 9 other contenders that day messaging them.
Also when you e-mail someone, look at their last "login date" if it's been over a month, don't even bother e-mailing them. From my experience it usually means they don't even come to the site anymore. For some reason CS seems to stop the counter at "Over one month" instead of "Hasn't been on in a decade", lol.

So either way, online or in real life, you've gotta accept a few things. If you think you're ugly, then you're not broadcasting confidence and that's very rarely a good sign. You need to realize that a good personality does factor into the attractive formula, if you have a good personality and good morals (Loyalty, honesty, etc) you can easily become a 10 in their eyes.

Don't give up. Just remember that if it wasn't a challenge, it wouldn't be worth doing.

RE: is silence..?

If it's on the phone... yeah I can see it being awkward, but not really a big deal.
When you're cuddling and just staring into each others eyes, sometimes words just have no place there.

RE: why honest people have no luck?

I doubt you meant to say it this harshly, but man... Sounds like you're attacking her when you phrase it like that. Guess you are a bit rusty eh? tongue Just teasing you, laugh

And honest people can have a harder time because, a quote I heard a long time ago, "people judge others the way they judge themselves", meaning a liar trusts nobody and vice-versa. It ain't completely accurate, I know plenty of honest people who trust no one, but I mean in general. Honest people are prone to being a bit gullible (It took me years to learn to screen people, lol) and can be taken advantage of.

Also, I've noticed honest (Not blunt honest, like myself) people tend to be worried about offending people, they tend to be rather sensitive. This means they also get taken advantage of by people who know these weaknesses. Be more assertive, be less worried about hurting another person - especially if they're hurting you - and be willing to move on to the next person.

RE: Are u enjoying cyber sex talk ?

I'm not fond of it, especially not when I barely know the woman. I've either turned away or lost some potential dates because I'd either get annoyed and stop talking to them, or if they were interesting enough in other ways (One woman in particular was amazingly intelligent and pretty) I just tell them to hold off until we at least have dinner first. Unfortunately they would then stop talking to me - kind of like the online version of being dumped for not putting out, laugh .
And if I'm with someone who's long distance I'd prefer webcams, but even that's only if we've been apart for more than a couple of weeks and are really lusting for each other.

RE: Truthfully how often do you guys change your socks and undies?

At LEAST once a day (If I work out particularly hard that day I will usually put a new pair on). Same as showering. Just ain't right to walk around stinky laugh

RE: Cussing

laugh thumbs up

RE: why women don't like slender men.

I am about as slim as a gorilla, so I have nothing to complain about in that area. Unfortunately, I do have a lot of jiggle when I wiggle, laugh

RE: toy boy

Just go to a bar out here and wear a pink shirt. You'll have tons of men hitting on you. laugh

RE: They want more pictures of me

I agree. Also, the pics you have up are fine, and your doggy is so cute! grin thumbs up

RE: Sex before marriage or sex after marriage?

I don't think it's wrong for either. I sometimes wish I hadn't started having sex when I did because I'd like to have lost my virginity with someone important who was also sharing her first time with me. As it happened I was more or less taken advantage of after drinking, but most times after that were by my choice (After I realized that some women liked taking advantage of me in a drunken state and started drinking only with people I trusted, lol). I also tend to date women who believe in sex before marriage as well. I'll never get back my virginity and they'll never get theres back and I'd feel awful taking someone's virginity when I can't even offer my own. Though I did realize the saying I heard some time ago is true - "You may regret who you lost it to, you don't really regret losing it". I may wish that I could experience my first time again at the very least with someone that I loved and/or was a virgin as well, but I really enjoy sex now and wouldn't want to give that part up.

I think I went off tangent. I believe in what makes you happy. If a woman wants sex and the guy doesn't (or vice versa) then neither should force/guilt them into it, they should break up and move on (Unless one is willing to wait).

RE: Older women, younger men

I'm thinking as long as the maturity level is the same and it's legal then go for it. I've never dated anyone more than 5 years older than myself or a couple years younger than me. For older than myself it just seems to go along the lines of where they are in life - if they want a family for instance, I'd like to have my degree and a steady job first and my degree will be a few years away so that tends to conflict. Younger... well if they're legal and talk about things other than sex and alcohol (Which never pans out well anyways if they're under 21 since I won't drink with underage people)and can stimulate me on a emotion/mental/physical level then I am open.

Age is in the mind and though there are gaps that are hard to cross (Dating a college student while one has a full-time job and wants to settle down for instance) but then again if both are willing to compromise and work at the relationship they can pull it off methinks. thumbs up

And now I sleeps.

RE: These two kids are in love, ............ dad not impressed in the end

Poor dad, I know how I'd feel in his shoes very mad rolling on the floor laughing

RE: Ever Date A Manorexic?

I didn't realize that anorexic was a gender specific word, lol.

I've known people who eat like elephants but are very thin and I've seen the exact opposite as well. If I'm with a woman who's skinny but starves herself (Or maintains her figure obsessively with pills or other nasty ways - drugs, etc) then that'd be a NO for a continuing relationship. Being healthy and good personalities matter so much more to me. thumbs up

RE: You open your bedroom closet one night and find a homeless person living in there. Do you...

Oh I meant to thank you for that!laugh Food is expensive when you're a college student

RE: When do you really trust someone you've met online?

I'm glad you approved tongue laugh

RE: respect a woman like yourself

I should respect myself as a woman? laugh tongue

RE: Women.....a potential is talking to their ex.

I'm usually a little unsettled until I meet the guy. Then things are fine. Unless the guy or my girl still have strong feelings for each other, or they are like uber affectionate (ignoring me), or she keeps bringing up their past sex lives. Then I tend to have issues.

RE: When do you really trust someone you've met online?

Glad to hear it. hug

That post wasn't aimed at you so much as people with that issue in general.

RE: whats that you're eating 09

Right now I'm eating eggs and turkey hot dogs.

This is the height of my cooking, lol

RE: Best way of trying to keep warm and busy, on these cold winter nights?

How much would that suck over the summer though? laugh

RE: Are there any guys on this site that care about anything besides SEX?

Ooh! I love Naruto grin thumbs up

On another note. Isn't it interesting how in another thread that has almost the exact same subject but written by a guy he's being attacked while people are just laughing this one off that's written by a woman? Hm.....

RE: When do you really trust someone you've met online?

I hear ya. What's the quote again....? Love and fear cannot exist together for true love will push fear out.

Something along those lines. For those too scared to love they may not find it. Then again, I'm no expert. dunno

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