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Boxing legend Muhammad Ali died Friday, June 3, at age 74,3,12775Jun 2016
What happens with my digital I when I'm dead5030Jan 2016
what would happen if google shut down for 1 year97217Dec 2015
so many people live in a fantasy world82912Nov 2015
What happened when we took a lie detector on some internet dates6567Sep 2015
which country will win the world cup football in brazil 20148057Jun 2014
do you think about the internet even if you are not online4373Jun 2015
why people see the internet for the real world93522Jun 2015
you can trust animals more than humans1,1019Apr 2015
Why Do We Sleep?1,02223Jun 2015
No one is one hundred percent trustworthy,1,28614Jun 2015
how many times a day do you look in your mirrow1,40745Jun 2015
I love animals more than humans. Is anything wrong with me?3,558103Mar 2015
you're addicted to cs55811Mar 2015
Why do people troll?1,95157Feb 2015
are you an picture collector in here5724Jan 2015
do you sleep whit your celphone53610Dec 2014
the world is crazy5547Dec 2014
Text message conversations are not real8194Dec 2014
Who's the more foolish; the fool or the fool who follows him?50910Dec 2014
Has the Internet made us more paranoid?2541Jun 2014
why 'go bananas' is similar to go crazy?93414Jul 2014
can you Falling in love with a video game character4265Aug 2014
Is Intuition Always Right?1,58149Aug 2014
how many people keep his own for the fool here1,25113Aug 2014
what makes you jealous4867Aug 2014
are whe real or not real1,12426Jul 2014
if you got the choice for living which countrie you choice1,10229Jul 2014
how many times did you lie to yourself4661Aug 2014
what was your best dream56812Aug 2014
are you follow your heart or mind1,05734Jul 2014
how do you see your self in here1,09135Jul 2014
how many trolls did you date4491Aug 2014
matching your words whit your mind59614Jul 2014
copied and paste your mind3192Jul 2014
why people think they are smart1,43763Jul 2014
Why do people like text messages?49113Jul 2014
do you like if people views your photo many times a day2,04389Jul 2014
do you remember your first kiss4839Jul 2014

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