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Do you ever talk to yourself?2,58334Sep 2016
CS News Bulletin Board3,178107Sep 2016
Lesson's learned3,16291Sep 2016
UN telephone survey1,46938Sep 2016
Car seat covers1,3359Sep 2016
Letter To My Teenage Self1,71931Sep 2016
Who would you most like to marry?4,234161Sep 2016
Best Entertainers that have passed1,4237Sep 2016
matchmake scammers2,00235Sep 2016
a big thankyou.....xxxx6,099146Sep 2016
Hey Beautiful2,81458Sep 2016
Key to your heart4,094107Sep 2016
Become a fan of me1,04212Sep 2016
tumbleweed check2,27269Aug 2016
I seem to never learn...1,54121Aug 2016
Free holiday to Warrington2,28739Aug 2016
I´m at a loose end2,17330Aug 2016
Useless facts - No Racism or Politcs please3,30343Aug 2016
How Long is a Chinese name?2,58335Aug 2016
Can people buy or sell warts1,41915Aug 2016
Question For Women Especially From The U.K.1,24519Aug 2016
SAY ANYTHING II36,2631,000Aug 2016
Say Anything39,870971Aug 2016
Shaved Beaver3,08313Aug 2016
Farmer’s Almanac Predicts Return of the Ice Cold Winter9518Aug 2016
the best dating site1,42920Aug 2016
Racist or what ???13,766366Aug 2016
Cooking tips1,63535Aug 2016
The Elephant Rope4,436175Aug 2016
a serious thred........3,840106Aug 2016
In a rut or depression4,23164Aug 2016
Is this a bar?1,6187Aug 2016
Yup8874Aug 2016
I Feel Sorry For This Guy ... How Easily He Was Used By Online Love3,09769Aug 2016
best date99816Aug 2016
Spoilers.3,870133Aug 2016
Tasmanian woman gives birth at 63 years old via IVF in Melbourne1,51024Aug 2016
Dumping SomeOne5,36698Aug 2016
Quotes & Sayings2,78548Aug 2016
A funny love poem1,10711Aug 2016

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