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For my Friends in Mexico and China ...1,16930Dec 2017
How to prevent yourself from contacting your ex?2,02661Dec 2017
Could have put a dent in the turkey4845Dec 2017
Do u want to get married ?2,70961Dec 2017
Merry Christmas USA3603Dec 2017
What advice would you give your 13 year old self.2,848107Dec 2017
Quotes25,601819Dec 2017
Christmas Story ...............74121Dec 2017
Who is ur celebrity crush??8,602335Dec 2017
Greatest Lies Ever Told2,71393Dec 2017
You Have Mail........1,50837Dec 2017
Celebrating Christmas.1,90469Dec 2017
WhatsApp4578Dec 2017
Personality Type2,79585Dec 2017
The Bar is open!!2,53584Dec 2017
Hi! I am...1,36043Dec 2017
What thoughts roam when a beautiful women says she's single? (Or man)1,45540Dec 2017
Single Women1,06231Dec 2017
time wasting82513Dec 2017
If you had to give up chocolate or sex1,55540Nov 2017
don't fear me1,00533Nov 2017
It's on.96718Nov 2017
When did men living in the UK first use forks & spoons with their meals?1,24427Nov 2017
Memes30,834690Nov 2017
NK just fired a missile against Japan6,741293Nov 2017
look into my eyes95224Nov 2017
Say what u like!!4,359103Nov 2017
What are u hoping 2018 will bring?3,15573Nov 2017
On-line dating expeience2,48978Nov 2017
What Are Your Christmas Wishes????????????2,08468Nov 2017
The Daily Grind1,44442Nov 2017
how many beers can you have before you get tipsy 'half shot'73724Nov 2017
Are happy people to be trusted.2,819100Nov 2017
Is everyone looking for Mr. or Mrs. perfect?1,58551Nov 2017
Bashing women !!1,11417Nov 2017
I make a few moves82724Nov 2017
How much for your virginity??2,52482Nov 2017
Who do u want to see return to the forums!!5,653206Nov 2017
The End is Nigh !!55414Nov 2017

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