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The Beatles16123 mins ago
Is love possible on the Internet.87070Jul 21
Trump backs Russia again2,282144Jul 16
paint23721Jul 20
WE are the Champions26213Jul 7
Hard or soft Brexit2,082135Jul 9
Uppity women1,32281Jul 8
Everything has changed86546Jul 8
Wimbledon is here again82777Jul 2
England1738Jun 28
black girls85545May 20
CONTACT ME2,624127Apr 18
This isTomcatwarne1,86278Apr 14
psychopaths on dating sites2,42098Sep 2017
Isis fghers who have fought Britain, should be killed.29520Dec 7
Trump names Jerusalem as capital of Israel.73352Dec 6
The bastard should be hung drawn and quartered,1,792105Nov 2017
banned 258316Nov 2017
David Cassidy dies,49918Nov 2017
Banned40218Nov 2017
Burn the Catholic traitor1,07251Nov 2017
Secretary of state resigns in sex allegation2619Nov 2017
Catalonian independence declared73528Oct 2017
Alternative to misandry thread1,14654Oct 2017
Hurricane Ophelia makes landfall60836Oct 2017
Britain prepares for war with NK.86342Oct 2017
Catalonia [ndependence68237Oct 2017
The Catalan referendum riots78542Oct 2017
Australians become openly hostile to Muslims.61631Sep 2017
Osama Bin Laens son hunted by the SAS1853Oct 2017
Boris put's pressure on May over Brexit30318Sep 2017
Trump threatens to completely annihilate NK1,60592Sep 2017
Britain threatens America with trade war.61437Sep 2017
Should drugs be legalised70745Sep 2017
Saudi women at last allowed to drive1858Sep 2017
Vera Duckworth dies29812Sep 2017
UK Banks to freeze accounts of all illegal immigrants.50222Sep 2017
Hurricaine Maria46315Sep 2017
Is romance dead1,36190Sep 2017

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