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Post something local ... music, art, creative1312Apr 23
Deer Skammas1868Apr 23
FREE BEER or WINE if you can beat this59738Apr 2
Wasabi peas ...1453Apr 22
Hex's Global Appeal for a Practical Solution35428Apr 6
Who can tell me "What is 2+2 ?"46328Apr 1
For sale ... job lot sandpaper, now surplus to requirements1214Mar 29
Come's down to The Basic Principles of Life ... everyone's the same at heart2189Mar 28
Honda jokes ...1164Mar 27
Cats .. behaving badly1344Mar 27
How long does you lot spend on here each day20110Mar 23
Wimpiest 'Men' in the world58638Mar 14
There's only TWO ways to write a profile88748Mar 14
Who sends and receives the most initial approach messages ...31612Feb 23
Take a song and mess with the title a little to make it relevant to the forums... eh880Mar 15
So, you're all very quiet following76543Mar 3
Those who state 'Smoking ... trying to quit'58112Apr 2017
" No Scammers "45016Nov 24
Save me some time17311Nov 7
hi my name is Hexagonkeyset6168830Oct 2017
I suppose I ought not be surprised1674Oct 2017
The Good Night Thread63836Sep 2017
Now, don't all groan at once36013Sep 2017
Frump threatens to completely annihilate the UK1482Sep 2017
One Hung Lo2063Sep 2017
So, can someone tell me83049Sep 2017
2threads in 1: You can invite 6 (real or fiction) people to dinner & 1 ( R or F) as your cohost1591Sep 2017
How many people made 'compilation tapes' or discs when they were young and dating ?1805Aug 2017
Phone sex ... would ya, could ya, should ya1,43282Sep 2017
Eating fish n chips outta newspaper ... could ya, would ya, should ya54532Sep 2017
What's happened to all the nice people today ...37112Sep 2017
Do You Find The Truth to be offensive ...96254Sep 2017
I'd like to know which emoticon you regard as most powerful... and nominate30415Sep 2017
Travel by bus ... would ya ... could ya ... should ya22819Sep 2017
Fixed speed cameras ...28615Sep 2017
Cabbage recipes .... an invitation especially to those who 'lurk' to join in and post your favourite70651Sep 2017
Mail Order Brides - Impact on the Environment Study is due for publication this week28016Sep 2017
Generosity is good for you and may enhance your own happiness ...1556Sep 2017
Let your imaginations run riot and play " JUST IMAGINE THE OUTCOME "1853Sep 2017
Honey ...2336Sep 2017

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