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" No Scammers "40316Nov 24
Save me some time12911Nov 7
hi my name is Hexagonkeyset6162830Oct 9
I suppose I ought not be surprised1464Oct 9
The Good Night Thread58236Sep 21
Now, don't all groan at once31113Sep 15
Frump threatens to completely annihilate the UK1292Sep 21
One Hung Lo1713Sep 25
So, can someone tell me75549Sep 25
2threads in 1: You can invite 6 (real or fiction) people to dinner & 1 ( R or F) as your cohost1311Sep 18
How many people made 'compilation tapes' or discs when they were young and dating ?1645Aug 12
Phone sex ... would ya, could ya, should ya1,31782Sep 18
Eating fish n chips outta newspaper ... could ya, would ya, should ya50532Sep 18
What's happened to all the nice people today ...34812Sep 21
Do You Find The Truth to be offensive ...88954Sep 17
I'd like to know which emoticon you regard as most powerful... and nominate26315Sep 17
Travel by bus ... would ya ... could ya ... should ya19119Sep 21
Fixed speed cameras ...24515Sep 19
Cabbage recipes .... an invitation especially to those who 'lurk' to join in and post your favourite63651Sep 17
Mail Order Brides - Impact on the Environment Study is due for publication this week24616Sep 1
Generosity is good for you and may enhance your own happiness ...1326Sep 13
Let your imaginations run riot and play " JUST IMAGINE THE OUTCOME "1553Sep 9
Honey ...2126Sep 12
Make my day ...1191Sep 2
I'm in tears because of a lovely Indian lady ...2777Aug 21
Does it show more respect to a person who has 'difficulties' in life if you21110Aug 16
Down here in impoverished lil ole NZ ... Jonno and Ben2066Aug 12
HHGTTG fans sign in ...991Aug 10
"For the great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie20017Aug 9
If you could have been born at any point in history29621Aug 9
How do u feel about non-religious people combined38920Jul 15
Thanks for all the concern about my recent absence from CS2263Jul 6
One of the 'measures' of 'good' mental healthy is said to be 'tolerance' that's the ability to81339Jun 2017
New names for old ...2558Jun 2017
Frankensteinian creations ... what would you get if you were to create a hybrid26411Jun 2017
The true causes of tourerism ...29117Jun 2017
The Nice Safe Space Thread32811Jun 2017
How many people can get in a quick sneaky1,38126May 2017
I reckon Jomer Simpsoisn was a wise man ... especially1392Jun 2017
Did you ever wonder why an individual who's made it plain that they 'have issues with you"54523May 2017

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